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December 14, 2017

The 10 Best Festive Apps for iPhone and Desktop

Written By Nikki McCaig

The introduction of everyday apps has revolutionised the way we view our phones. Taking us through our daily processes, helping us to carry out our domestic tasks and getting us through the working day, our apps are the 2017 self-help books of the modern age. Our phones are our pocket diaries, our connection to the people we love, our books, our TVs, our workplaces and our therapists. So, particularly at Christmas, when the weather gets colder, we have more time off work than ever before, and we’re spending hours in front of the television waiting for the snow – we tend to bring a little festive magic back through our apps.

Not just restricted to phones, however, desktop computers, laptops and tablets are also familiar with the festive apps, so we’ve listed the best of the bunch in our seasonal blog post today.

Elf  Yourself

With a 4 star review, and created by none other than Office Depot, the Elf Yourself app is one of the best selling applications of the Christmas period. In a seasonally appropriate adaptation of Augmented Reality, this quirky app lets you turn friends, family and colleagues into a trope of dancing elves – perfect for impressing at the Office Christmas party.

Christmas Countdown.

A charming reminder of the big day yet to come, the Christmas Countdown is a downloadable notification system to help you countdown the days until Christmas. An app with an impressive  4.6 stars to its name, the daily Christmas reminders fit nicely into your domestic phone usage, accompanied by fun Christmas quotes and interesting trivia to keep you entertained as you wait for Christmas day.

Christmas Pics Quiz Game

Perfect for the weary Christmas traveller, and with a 4.7 star review, the Christmas Pics Quiz Game is a visual trivia game designed to test your festive knowledge, and keep your mind active on the long train home for winter

Message From Santa

Brilliant for the young, and the young at heart, this app transforms your phone into a direct line to Santa himself. With personalised messages from the festive icon, he can talk to your child about their favourite foods, toys and games, and wish them a Merry Christmas in time for the big day! And if Santa’s busy, then you can leave a fun message on his specialised voicemail. –

Roller Christmas AppsSleeps To Christmas

With a great 4.4 stars  on the app store, Sleeps to Christmas does exactly what is says on the tin, and helps you countdown the number of sleeps until Christmas. With cute animations and cartoon friends to help you count down the nights, it’s a cheerful reminder of the big day yet to come.

Advent calendar 2017: 25 gifts

In a digital twist on the chocolate advent calendar, for the tech-obsessed, this is a quirky little advent calendar that just keeps on giving! With 25 free games delivered on each day of December, open a new activity daily to boost your mood as you wait for Christmas.

Santa Visited Me

A 4.2 star app, Santa Visited Me in another Augmented Reality app with a twist. Using a photo taken of your living room, the application lets you use video imagery to catch Santa dropping a present under your tree! Great for kids hoping to catch a glimpse of the big man before the big day!

Santa Hotline

The highest rate app on our list, with a 4.9 star rating, this parents only app is designed to let mum and dad contact Santa to report good and bad behavior, and decide whether their children belong on the naughty or the nice list. A cheeky little behavioural app, this is a big hit with parents in the run up to Christmas, especially as Santa himself can answer the phone and warn your children what to expect on Christmas Day if they don’t start behaving!

Christmas Food Fever Cooking Mama

A surprisingly low review for such a popular franchise, with 3.9 stars comes Christmas Food Fever Cooking Mama. Put your virtual cooking skills to the test as you cook a festive feast for Santa this year, with baking challenges, turkey tests and mulled wine broiling all keeping your thumbs working fast in this festive adaptation of the original game.

Christmas Shave Salon

Let your kids loose with the clippers this Christmas as Santa needs a shave before the big day. The Christmas Shave Salon features Santa and his helpers – both furry and elven – as they pop into the barbers shop to brush up before Christmas Eve. So the pressure is on to keep the bearded man looking smart before beginning his long route to Christmas.


toa heftiba 470553 - The 10 Best Festive Apps for iPhone and Desktop

Desktop Apps are another key trend of this years festive/tech combination. With more people using some form of computer screen technology in their working processes than ever before, the need for virtual Christmas spirit is more present in 2017 than any other year. So what’s on offer to download onto your desktop this holiday season?

The Perfect Tree

A sweet little desktop app to download and perk up your working computer, take the time to help  lonely Christmas tree find a little decoration before Christmas day. Make use of those dull lunch breaks as you play through multilevel games to help source the best decorations and ornaments in time for Christmas

Christmas Card Maker

Break out your inner graphic designer as you build your our Christmas card templates, party invites, newsletters and thank you notes with this handy desktop app. Create colour wheels, font designs and personalised content for your office festive send outs this Christmas season, and release your desktop creativity.  

Santa Radio

If the office playlist isn’t warming up your festive spirit, why not take your tunes into your own hands and enjoy a festive radio station, hosted by none other than Santa himself! A selection of seasonal classics and the best festive tunes, this is a non-stop musical app to make your working playlist nothing but Christmas

irene van der poel 8545 - The 10 Best Festive Apps for iPhone and DesktopDance Party Crunkmas

If your feet can’t stop tapping at your desk, release your festive energy into Dance Party Crunkmas, as you control dancing snowmen, boogying Santa’s and jolly reindeers at the Grotto’s Christmas Party.

Christmas Live Wallpaper

What better way to wake up your desktop but by shaking your very own snow globe to unlock your computer. Decorate the tiny tree in the corner of your screen, and crack on with your work under a flurry of falling snow!

Christmas Hangman

Our favourite childhood games are a staple of the festive holidays, so bring hangman back into the season with Christmas Hangman. Save Santa from the noose by guessing all of is Christmas words in time! This is a quick little mind-teaser to help awaken your brain as the winter cold sets in!

Snowball Stacker

Test your balancing skills as you download Snowball Stacker! Make use of the wintery weather and build the biggest snowman possible out of giant frosty snowballs as a break from your hectic busy day

iSnow Classic

An application that follows your mouse wherever it goes with sheets of snow, Santa and his sleigh flying across your browser and reindeer prowling your files as this app works its magic on every element of your desktop.

Fireplace Screensaver

Looking for something a little warmer to keep your desktop toasty as you take a break from work? The Fireplace Screensaver is a comforting roaring fire to heat up those chilly nights in the office, and make every frosty meeting room feel welcoming and inviting!

Roller Christmas AppsGrumpy Snowmen

One for those students looking to escape their final essays of term, this Christmas game is set on a university campus where you have to fight off the grumpy snowmen to get to your last lecture of the year on time!

If your screens are draining your seasonal spirit this Christmas, why not test out a couple of our favourite apps as we run up to the big day, and bring the Christmas season online!