November 26, 2015

2015 – The Year of mHealth

Written By Rebecca Larkin

2015 has been the year of mHealth, with a whole host of new innovations, opportunities and developments arising throughout.

2015 has also been he year of great technological advances (Microsoft HoloLens, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality etc.), all of which have had an impact on, or contributed to, mHealth. With this year being so good, we thought we’d round up the best bits, and have a look back on mHealth in 2015.


Whether you’ve got one or not, there has been an invasion of wearable technology. Some good, some bad, some absolutely fantastic.

Right from the start wearables and mHealth went hand in hand, but at first it was somewhat unclear as to whether wearables were a lasting development, or whether they’d be merely a phase. A few months down the line and wearables are still making a massive impact on mHealth, with more developments still happening.

With the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S2, and Dot out now and devices like the Google Glass Enterprise Edition on their way soon, its not wonder the future is bright for wearables in mHealth.

Fitness Apps

Similar to wearables, this year saw the rise of the fitness tracking app.

They arrived on every known platform and even became integrated parts of operating systems (like S Health). They were almost unavoidable, but by the looks of it not many people were trying to avoid them. Apps like MyFitness Pal had always been popular, but we’ve seen a range of apps with features suitable for beginners, right through to the fitness pro.

If all this talk of fitness apps is making you feel the need to get one, then our list of the Top 5 Fitness Apps will help.

The HoloLens, AR and VR

Two things that are almost becoming synonymous with 2015 are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

The new uses and popularly of AR and VR has had a huge impact on mHealth, whether they’re being used as a virtual operating theatre by trainee surgeons, or being used by a doctor as an interactive picture to show a patient the extent of their condition or injury, they’ve proven to be extremely useful.

The Microsoft HoloLens is a device which will maximise the best uses of AR and VR, and will no doubt have a huge impact on mHealth upon its release.

So what’s next?

Here at Roller we expect to see big things from mHealth in 2016, and with such a plethora of new developments this year will be a tough act to follow.

With the mHealth industry booming, you’ll probably want to know exactly what mHealth can do for you, and if you’re looking to get into mHealth with an app, portal or enterprise mobility solution, get in touch with us today.