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August 16, 2017

24 Hours of Tech in Nottingham

Written By Nikki McCaig

Nottingham is one of the greatest cities of the digital and tech age. Overwhelmed by industry giants and technological forethought, the streets are lined with the latest innovations in travel, design, food and entertainment.

So if you’re a tourist looking for tech and hoping to make the most out of your 24 hours in Nottingham, here are our Top 10 Tech Spots to help you explore the city.

Tech on Toast – 7:30 – 9:00am – Wollaton Street

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Tech never sleeps, so why should you? Start your morning with a miniature tech conference in the heart of Nottingham. This monthly breakfast event is designed for tech businesses and fans to come together and network ideas, form connections, and share the latest updates on the digital developments in the local area. Great for those looking to get to grips with the Nottingham tech scene and meet some of the key players in the East Midlands digital sector.

Wired Coffee Bar – Open 8:30am – 6:00pm – Pelham Street

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Looking for a mid-morning recharge? Swing by Wired Coffee Bar for a quick caffeine boost on your into the Lace Market. A hot spot for students, freelancers, developers and bloggers, with free wifi and accessible plug sockets, Wired is designed to support the coffee-needs of the city’s growing tech community, and is a must for the technological traveller.

The National Videogame Arcade – 10am – 6pm – Carlton Street

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From retro Pacman to virtual reality RPGs, the National Videogame Arcade is a memorable icon that every tech-addict should experience in their 24 Hours in Nottingham. Located just a short walk away from the Old Market Square, this is a museum serving as a hi-tech workshop, which encourages young people to not only play videogames, but to design and create them as well. A growing hub of events, activity and community support for gamers and tech lovers alike, it takes an innovative new perspective on young people in tech, and helps them to celebrate the videogames they love.

Menkind Gadget Shop – 9:00am – 6:00pm – Victoria Centre

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If retail indulgence is a priority for your trip to the city, then it’s time to take a spin around Menkind, a high tech gadget store on the upper floor of the Victoria Centre. A hybrid of quirky gag gifts and genuinely innovative technical devices, Menkind is a great spot for noting the latest trends in domestic technology (and picking up a couple of novelty souvenirs for yourself as well!)

iLocked Escape Room – 10:00am – 11:00pm – Huntingdon Street

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If simply observing tech in Nottingham isn’t quite satisfying your itinerary, why not try escaping from it instead? iLocked is a new addition to the skyline of technology in the city, taking the standard Escape Room to a brand new level of difficulty, with interactive and holographic puzzles replacing physical locks and bolts in your battle to escape. Already popular with native Nottinghamshire tech fans, this is one escape room that’s definitely worth fighting to get into.

IMAX Cinema – Cineworld Nottingham – Cornerhouse

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Alternatively, if you prefer to experience the Nottinghamshire scene through a pair of 3D glasses, Cineworlds IMAX cinema should be your next destination. Booming sound, luxurious seats, stunning visuals – this is a great opportunity to catch up on your favourite new films on the biggest screen Nottingham has to offer.

FunStation Nottingham – Cornerhouse

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A quirky, unique way to kill some time in Nottingham, and re-discover some of the best childhood games – visit the Fun Station Arcade right inside the Cornerhouse. With bowling lanes, skittles, racing tracks, penny slots, claw machines and video game booths, there’s a for every tech-addict inside. We should warn you, however, the Fun Station is incredibly addictive, so make sure you keep an eye on the time to avoid spending all 24 hours playing ‘Space Invaders’ there.

CookieShake Bar – Upper Parliament Street

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To kick start your evening, there’s no better place than Cookie Lounge to indulge yourself in a little novelty fun, mixing shots of sweet-themed alcohol with only the best retro video games. This is a popular choice amongst students breaking into the tech scene in Nottingham, as both a recreational evening, and a peek at some vintage ‘videogames’  whilst you enjoy your drink.

Alt Video Game Lounge7:00pm – Late – George Street

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Finally, a spot to pitch up for the night, grab a table at the Alt Video Game Lounge. Intensively tech-heavy, and with a great menu for late night snacks, this bar caters to the night owl demographic of Nottingham’s tech community, opening late for developers and designers to burn the midnight oil. With Virtual Reality, RPG, and LAN events throughout the year, as well as nights of ‘experimental tech’, where new developments are welcome to pitch their own creations, ALT is a welcome home for young start ups, and weary tourists, to relax at the end of a long 24 hours in Nottingham.