November 2, 2012

This week in digital: 4G, digital moustaches and the curse of the spam filter

Written By Martin Sandhu

Launch of 4G
This week saw the launch of 4G in 11 major cities across the UK. The fourth generation connectivity standard promises five times faster, much more reliable connections. With glee we sat watching the news on Monday morning showing us a YouTube video loading with absolutely no buffering time…amazing!

However, the service has been met with criticisms. The BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones tested the service in both Manchester and London, and whilst he admitted seeing some phenomenally fast speeds – some faster than most home broadband connections – he also noted some significant fluctuations.

New 4G network EE are the first provider in the UK

Once it rolls out further 4G could have a huge impact on online business and ecommerce websites, who are likely to see an increase in mobile vistors thanks to the improved connectivity. It’s certainly the right time for businesses to be considering mobile websites and apps in order to reap  the benefits of the increase in mobile use.

We’re looking forward to testing it when it arrives here in Nottingham next month.

The curse of the smartphone
Staying with smartphones, we might all have one glued to the end of our arm 24/7 but it’s not doing much good for our work-life balance.

A new survey found people with access to email on their phone checked up to 20 times a day, adding about two hours on to every working day, which totals a whopping 460 hours a year!

According to Pixmania the average time for first checking emails is between 6am and 7am, with more than a third checking their email first thing, and a quarter checking them between 11pm and midnight.

Movember gets mo-digital
This years Movemeber campaign has gone all out on the digital front. The annual charity moustache month gets men all over the world to leave their razor alone throughout November to raise money for men’s health.

Theo Walcott
Even baby faced Theo is getting involved with Movember

This year, not only do they have a great looking website, but they’ve gone mobile too. The Movember app connects to Mo-Space bringing a social networking element to the global charity event, but our favourite bit is the ability to document the growth of your ‘tasche and make it in to an animated gif!

And finally, a reminder that not all spam is spam…
Spam filters are no doubt a blessing, but here’s a cautionary tale to remind us that the special folder still needs to be checked every once in a while…

A police chief in California could lose his job after missing a number of important emails which ended up in his spam folder. Howard Jordan asked staff to set up spam filters after receiving a number of abusive emails over the Occupy Oakland demonstrations, little did he know it was also filtering out very important emails from the federal court.