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September 20, 2017

5 Benefits of Outsourcing

Written By Nikki McCaig

The culture of the modern office is constantly evolving. From ping pong tables in the lobby, to the rise of coffices (coffee-shop-offices) to weekly Instagram selfies, the millennial generation is moving fast to create a new environment for work.

The days of stuffy office cubicles and water coolers are long gone, and new job roles are being introduced daily: Aesthetics Developers, Brand Influencers, Creative Outsourcing?

The act of outsourcing is one that has long been adopted by offices, but has only recently been picked up by one of the world’s tech giants, Google. Taking their IT Services and Copywriting services international, Google has been making waves in the media recently for publically outsourcing significant portions of work to Indian marketing companies in the form of a competition.

In the backlash of this move, Google has received criticism from consumers over social media, with journalists and bloggers negatively assuming that this transition is an act of laziness and a cheap attempt to save money. However, there are some significant benefits to outsourcing in almost every area of business, from economic surplus to intellectual and industry support, as well as the advantage of networking with as many contacts in the sector as possible.

1. Outsourcing Intelligence 

No business should proclaim to know everything. So outreaching in an area you are unfamiliar with is not something to ever be ashamed of. Perhaps your business is lacking in it’s marketing department and needs a social media boost? Maybe invoices aren’t your strong suit, so outreaching an accountant can give you that valuable bank of advice? When you outsource a service, you aren’t just getting someone else to do the work for you, you are offering your customers and clients the added skills and knowledge that the outreacher possesses, making your brand look even more attractive.

2. Outsourcing Support

As important as it is to be able to rely on your team, and those you employ, having that extra bit of support can be a big source of comfort to the busy decision-maker. Being able to simply handover a piece of work that’s puzzling you can be a huge weight off of your mind, with the confidence that a professional is now going to take over it and do it well. Depending on your relationship with them, your outsourcer can be your right hand man, and the worker you rely on for motivational and contractual support, if you let them bear that weight.

3. Outsourcing Additionals

On top of being able to promote the skills of your outsourcer, depending on what they specialise in, the services you outsource could even be an additional asset to your company. For example, if you run a marketing business, outreaching a web designer means you can promote your business as a web and marketing specialist. This means you can offer clients further services and hopefully secure more deals as a more varied business. The additionals that outsourcing can provide are entirely dependent on the contractor you select, so make sure they’re worth it!

4. Outsourcing Contacts

For any business that needs a certain degree of PR and contact acquirement, look no further than your outsourcer. Being a freelancer, contractor or part time operator in any industry means that collecting contacts and networking is an everyday part of the job, so they’re likely to have some important contacts that may be useful to you. They could put you in touch with other freelancers in the business, or recommend a fellow outsourcer for a service they don’t provide, and help you to expand your brand appeal even further. Whilst, obviously, the work comes first, the outsourcer you select could be beneficial to you in other ways too.

5. Outsourcing A Safe Bet

Perhaps one of the most secretive advantages to outsourcing significant pieces of work is the distance between your role and the outreacher. An outreacher will never try to undermine or usurp you professionally, and you can be safe in the knowledge that they will maintain their professional relationship with you at all times. Removing the stresses of the offices, the gossip, the tensions and the frictions of a close working environment means that everything will be boiled down to just that; the work. Your outsourcer should be a transaction between two businesses – one sends a task, one completes task, money changes hands. Emotionality and personal feeling should not come into it, taking every communication down to the most practical and basic level – hopefully leading to a positive result.

Don’t discount outsourcing as any of the following: lazy, cheap, complicated, or detached. Depending on who you select, how you view them and what they can provide, your outsourcer could potentially be one of the most potential assets to your company, and there are more benefits to hiring one that you can imagine.