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May 1, 2018

The 5 Biggest Names to Impact Fintech in 2018

Written By Nikki McCaig

‘Would you like to see it one more time? You may have blinked and missed it.’ – Tim Cook, CEO Apple

As Tim Cook so aptly reflects, technology is progressing at a faster speed than ever anticipated in 2018. Demographic groups are shifting, digital devices are evolving and every element of routine, from brushing your teeth to paying your bills, is automated. Financial sectors in particular are really embracing the hybridity of economic technology, with insurance firms, banks, accountants and brokers all adopting these new technologies with enthusiasm.

So we’re counting up the 5 biggest names in fintech right now, and finding out just how they’re planning to impact the technology sector in 2018.

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Jeff Bezos – CEO of Amazon and founder of Amazon Alexa.

Bezos’ legacy is set to have a huge impact on Fintech in 2018. Not only is he leading the charge on voice activated banking, but Alexa’s payment platforms are set to steal Paypal’s crown this year. Integrating AI with finance has been a long process, heavily formulated on the cautious trust of the general public. From an understandably wary consumer group, allowing their money to be handled by anything other than their friendly neighbourhood bank teller revealed a huge shift for voice activated technologies in finance.

Jamie Dimon – CEO and Chairman of JPMorgan, America’s largest bank.

Dimon has made waves in fintech already this year by becoming one of the first banking systems to introduce AI technologies into his company – inspiring many to take the plunge into artificial intelligence banking. For a company as substantially and culturally significant as JPMorgan to lead this change is incredibly impactful on the technology sector as a whole, opening up new opportunities for fintech collaboration, innovation and creation. 

Peter Smith – CEO and co-founder of Blockchain.

thought catalog 580700 unsplash 1024x683 - The 5 Biggest Names to Impact Fintech in 2018This cryptocurrency company that has revolutionised the way we view digital currency. Smith was one of the very technicians to evolve this idea into something impactful in 2017, and we’re still seeing the fall out from his creation in 2018. Blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency are all hot topic buzzwords in 2018, and their rise and fall in stocks is likely to continue making headline news for the fintech sector. 

Daniel Schreiber – CEO of Lemonade, the US’s most popular insurtech firm.

With economical insurance now joining the fintech sector, Schreiber’s Lemonade is one of the forefront runners encouraging technical automation in modern insurance processes. Lemonade has been singled out by numerous publication for offering entirely automated insurance processes, not only removing the potential for human error, but also encouraging the integration of AI and automation in the domestic economy. 

Dan Preston – Founder of Metromile, an automobile insurance startup targeting millennials.

Preston is one of the first insurers to really utilise the technological knowledge of the Millennial generation, and to adapt the company’s site, approach, marketing and deliverance to this hi-tech consumer group. Metromile offers a new drive – no pun intended – for Millennials to see their cars as technology, to be looked after and protected by other technology, marking a huge transformation to this once people-driven market. 

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Fintech is one of our biggest and most lucrative sectors right now, and more businesses and industries are looking to collaborate with it. The economy is always changing, and technology is always evolving, so why not join the revolution and get automated!

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