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November 28, 2014

Adam’s dissertation project – the Go Runnin’ app – by Adam Gask

Written By Martin Sandhu

I first contacted Roller in July 2014, keen to gain some industry experience whilst studying at Nottingham University. As a fourth year computer science student I have always had a strong interest in all things mobile and was really pleased when Martin offered me a part time position as a mobile app developer.

A big part of any final year at university is the undertaking of a dissertation project, for mine I chose to develop an Android fitness application.  After working on an eBook research project last year for my course, the opportunity to create a technical product for my final year was a daunting yet exciting challenge.

adamfinishlineI ran my first half marathon in October and found that receiving SMS messages of support to be incredibly uplifting and certainly helped me get to the finish line. During the run I found reading each message to be a clunky and awkward process. This is when I came up with the idea for Go Runnin’. An app to solve this problem and a great excuse to further explore development for wearable technology.

After I found a suitable dissertation supervisor, I began thoroughly planning my app. The project explores how wearable technology can be used whilst running as an intuitive interface for real time information, and for receiving messages. Being a keen runner and a huge fan of wearable technology myself, this project involves a lot of personal interests as well as the opportunity to work with up and coming wearable technology such as Google Glass and Android Wear.

Working at Roller Agency part time for the last few months has helped me to overcome many key challenges in my project. I have improved my technical skills, and being in an environment where I can bounce ideas off other specialists has been useful too; learning industry tips and tricks from the team. My time at Roller has seen me work on a wide variety of tasks – everything from social integration to cross device compatibility. So far this has proved invaluable to both my own self-development and my university project.

I hope to have published an version of the application early next year. I might even get the Roller team to run around the block to test it – incentive biscuits at the ready.