November 12, 2014

The App-rentice, Week 5 – Adobe Photoshop Mix

Written By Rebecca Larkin

After downloading Adobe Photoshop Mix and using it for the past few weeks I thought it would a great app to feature on the week 5 app review.

IMG_6583I frequently use Photoshop on my laptop so I was intrigued to find out what functionality the mobile app had in comparison. I have found people can be put off Photoshop and other similar software because they’re concerned about how complicated it is to use. This was definitely not the case with this app. Within a minute of downloading Adobe Photoshop Mix I was able to easily navigate it and use the tools. The really quick user guide at the beginning summarised the main features and how it use them so I could get started immediately. I trialled it with 2 images for the sake of illustrating this article. And as it turns out, two images is the maximum number of layers you can have in one composition anyway.

mobile app

It took me about 60 seconds to add a figure to the new backdrop after removing the original background it was set in. The proportions in the example image aren’t quite right as it was done quickly, but they’re easy to change with fingertip dragging. Using your fingertip you can also drag the images around the screen to position them wherever you want.

You can adjust other aspects of the image such as contrast/clarity at the touch of a button and change the look of the images with Instagram like filters. Cropping the images is also simple with free drag or pre-set sizes.

Once your masterpiece is complete, you have the choice to save it to your camera roll or to your Adobe Cloud. You can share socially or print it too, it like any other image in your camera roll on an iPhone.

IMG_6584Although the app is free to download you do need an existing Adobe account to use it, which is something worth bearing in mind. I also found that sometimes the app wasn’t as responsive to commands as it could be which is slightly frustrating. For example when I was using the cut-out tool to remove the background around the figure the app couldn’t quite work out where the edge of the hair blends into the wall behind and ignored where I tried to use my finger to correct it. If you look carefully the image you’ll see it is not cleanly cut from it’s original background.


Overall the app is really simple to use and you can have fun with your photos within seconds. However, due to how basic it is and how much harder it is to create a perfect image, I’d recommend the app for personal use such as changing images before adding them to Instagram or Facebook rather than for working on a project for your business. Keeping that in mind I’d still rate it 4/5 stars and recommend it to friends.