March 20, 2014

Antisocial app to avoid friends

Written By Martin Sandhu



Have we started the modern era of “anti-social” apps?

Portals of the social nature like Facebook, have immense popularity in recent years. No wonder – they allow users an ease of networking and sharing content with your friends.

But what if we would prefer to have no contact with the selected individuals, also in the ” real world ”?

Developers of the Cloak claim to have found a solution. In fact, they created a kind of anti-social network with their antisocial app. Available for iOS application allows you to effectively avoid some people.

Drawing data location of a person’s social networking sites like Facebook, Foursquare, and Instagram, the application determines where are the friends of our ” black list ”.

The user can set notifications that will alert if we are on the brink of the designated person’s location. Cloak is being advertised as a way to avoid the former partners, employees, or nosy people – anyone who would be unwilling to call accidentally.

Would you really use this antisocial app? I mean, as far as I know human is a social being. So if you’re not social, what are you?