August 15, 2014

App development: what is a feature-centric approach?

Written By Martin Sandhu

Apps are big business these days. Many companies release their own apps for branding purposes, and it seems like thousands of new apps are released onto the App Store and Google Play every day. When it comes to app development, there are various approaches used by developers and they all have their merits. One method of app development is the feature-centric approach, and here is a guide to what it involves:

Overview of the Feature-Centric Approach

This is a relatively new method of app development, and considered by many to be the way forward. It was discussed recently in an article by Developer Tech, which describes how it allows the developer to create an app based on the proposed features it needs to provide.

This is advantageous as it allows a team of developers who’s skill sets wouldn’t usually match, to work together to design the app and create content. Only later at the implementation stage are platform specific developer skills required to tweak the UI designs to fit specific platforms. This eliminates a lot of time developing individual apps to cater for different platforms.

Why Use This Approach?

The benefits of this approach involve a simpler and more cohesive development and maintenance process. If a change is required, individual platform modifications are not necessary. Where-as in using platform-specific approach, updating the app and fixing bugs becomes a lot more time consuming, complex and skill specific.

Consider the Feature-Centric Approach

Feature-centric app development has many benefits and is likely to become more common over the coming years. If you are considering realising an app for your own business it’s important to be aware of how it is built and the implications for maintenance in the future, even if you do not have the technical skills to build it yourself.