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October 16, 2014

The App-rentice, Week 1: Slack

Written By Rebecca Larkin

The double installment of The Apprentice this week has led to double the app reviews. Slack is the second app to be chosen; you can find it in the App Store under productivity.


For Roller, it’s a great app the whole team relies upon to communicate across different projects. Personally, within business hours I use it on my desktop and then when I’m on the move notifications automatically appear on my phone through the iOS mobile application. So I’m always on top of what’s going on.

Slacks cross platform capabilities enable every member of the team to have access regardless of their choice of operating system. It also cuts down on email clutter and the channel categorization function ensures conversations I’m part of are kept relevant. The layout is user friendly as the feeds are designed to reflect the Twitter layout.

Unlike many other apps on the market that work across multiple platforms, usability isn’t compromised in Slack’s mobile application version. I can still access all of the files stored in Slack and interact with groups I’m part of. The function to switch teams allows me to interact with other groups using slack without preventing notifications from the Roller team coming through.

If you’ve been using it for some time, or have a lot of information stored, the search function is really useful for finding files, conversations or people within your team. ‘Slackbot’ is also a helpful tool to answer any queries.

Setting up Slack as a new user was incredibly quick and I was able start using all the features within minutes. The fact that Slack works across all of my devices and the user experience isn’t compromised, coupled with the fact it’s free means I would recommend it to anybody who’s looking for a user-friendly business communication tool.

One of our mobile developers, Sam, had good things to say about Slack too. “I find it particularly useful when briefing other developers and bringing them up-to-date on a project. It is useful for sharing resources such as design files, wireframes and documents related to the project. The use of channels is also handy is segmenting information. Using channel names that corresponds to a specific project means all the users know exactly where to look, ask a question or discuss a topic if need be.”

Roller App-rentice Score – 5/5!