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December 17, 2014

The App-rentice, Week 10 – Instastack

Written By Rebecca Larkin

Instastack has been chosen for the final App-rentice review of the series. Instastack is an app that markets itself to be “the most elegant way to browse Instagram on your Mac.”

In a nutshell the app sits in your toolbar and delivers Instagram notifications to you as they happen. Or, at predefined time intervals.

Although Instagram itself is a mobile app, it does also have it’s own website to enable users to access content on their desktop. However, currently the functionality of the site is limited which is where Instastack have found it’s gap in the market.

desktop app - instastackLike Instagram, Instastack also allows you to browse your news feed and see your profile. However, on top of this the Instastack application also gives you the following functions:

  • The ability to revisit photos you’ve liked
  • Inclusion of the popular page, users can interact with popular posts as they would on the Instagram mobile app
  • Users can also search Instagram using hashtags and user profile handles. This is a feature I have found particularly useful when using Instagram for Roller Agency, giving me the ability to search for industry and local trends.


There are a range of similar products to Instastack on the App Store but so far they all seem to be struggling to generate over 2.5 stars from customer reviews. Checking on various forums it appears to be clear that the main functionalities users are searching for in a desktop app version are the abilities to upload and edit photos from their computer and simultaneously manage two accounts. To date there is nothing on the market that allows either of these features due to restrictions in place by the makers of Instagram.

Bearing this in mind, I think Instastack is in a strong position in the market. The £2.99 price puts it at the top end of the price spectrum, and personally I find that rather expensive so an app that doesn’t really stand out. However, the UI is appealing, the app itself is easy to use and the slim pop up means it isn’t obtrusive on the screen, therefore I give it 3/5 stars.