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October 22, 2014

The App-rentice, Week 2: Brain Wars

Written By Martin Sandhu

From the wonderful world of whacky apps, Brain Wars is the third app chosen to be reviewed. Released just this month, and downloadable for free, Brain Wars’ developers described it as “The World’s First Real-Time Concentration Battling App!”

You might be wondering what makes this a great upcoming app? Originally developed in Japan (like Nintendo), it already has a strong audience base, backed by a nation of minds who want to continuously develop their brain function. It currently has over 122,000 users. Its concept is very similar to the very popular Nintendo Wii game, Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training, both allowing a wide range of users to enjoy the app.

Brain Wars also collects statistical data as the user progresses through the challenges on the several challenges, and presents the results in an easy to understand format. An example of its simple user interface can bee seen in this preview.

A second appealing factor is the type and number of games it boasts. Whilst most brain training games present complex puzzles that may put some users off at first, the Brain Wars app offers more simple games. Games include: ‘swipe master’, ‘high or low’ and ‘tap that colour’. It further offers lots of help to give users enough encouragement while pushing them to test their mental capabilities.

Personally, the most appealing part of the app is being able to challenge a wide range of opponents across the world. Users are not forced to do this too soon, but once they have trained their brain functionality and boosted their confidence in playing the apps’ games. Competing also allows users to see where they rank globally against other players! If this hasn’t yet encourage you to give this free app a try, it also allows users to connect with friends on Facebook; giving users that extra boasting power in the real world when they can actually calculate of how much they’ve spent on a night out the fastest.

Finally to give this our Roller app rating, I have decided it to be more of a “fun time” app rather than one that you can dedicate to training your brain. Also to add other games users have to make more in app purchases like I did when I got bored of the limited free games. In terms of the technical aspect to this the app, it has limitations. Brain Wars is currently only compatible with Android system 3.0 and iOS 6 and above, therefore it is slightly limiting itself in the Android user market. As a result I have given a rating of  3/5.