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October 29, 2014

The App-rentice, Week 3: XScope

Written By Martin Sandhu

This app has already proven very useful for the Roller team, which is why it has been chosen for week 3’s review. As an mobile app development agency the majority of our workforce are designers or developers and we can safely say none of the mobile apps we have created would be as accurate without this tool.

XScope is a toolbox that helps developers to follow a design. Version 4 is currently available on the App Store for £34.99, which is a price I believe to be justified. There are a number of different tools within the app but the one I get the most use from is Rulers. This gives me the exact measurements for the width and height of a design so that I can accurately translate it into a working app. It’s flexibility and intelligence makes it really simple to use.

Another superb tool I frequently use is Dimensions. As the name suggests it provides the dimensions of anything on my screen allowing me to ensure all the buttons hold the same distance between themselves and other aspects are visually pleasing.

The final feature I can’t leave out is the Loupe tool. It zooms in on anything in the design that is under my mouse. It also shows the colour which can be saved and used in other apps being developed for that project.

Although I haven’t yet explored all of the functionality in XScope, I would still recommend this app to all developers and designers as I now couldn’t work as effectively without it.

XScope accurately measures anything on your screen, either to match designs from the client or just to keep your designs consistent. The tools are accessed really simply, two clicks on the top bar and right away you have the tool running under your mouse.

Roller App-rentice Score – 5/5!