November 19, 2014

The App-rentice, Week 6 – Mailbox

Written By Sam Jones

I have been using Mailbox since before it’s official inception and since I know lots of people receive numerous emails everyday, I thought it would be a good idea to write about it for week 6 of our weekly app review.

Mailbox is an email management application that employs gesture-based controls and navigation in order to make handling email inboxes more quick and simple. All unread emails appear in a central view. This provides a list of the emails that you are yet to read, defer, archive or delete. Once you have read an email, it will remain in your ‘inbox’ until you take action with it.

email management application MailboxArchiving an email is simple. When you have read the email and taken any action required, simply swipe right and the email is gone from your inbox and stored in the archive. This means that you do not see it in your initial list of emails to read which could cause you to think it has not been dealt with. Instead, it is stored safely for you to retrieve should it be needed again in the future.

When deferring an email, the user is presented with some time options when they would prefer to read the email. This is a particularly useful feature and one I use daily myself. Often when I am at work, I don’t have time to read and handle my personal emails therefore if I get an important looking notification, I will defer that email until 6pm for when I get home. Deferral is a very useful feature for people with busy days, as they can defer their most important emails for a time when they have the opportunity to handle those emails without risking forgetting to look at them.

I only have one issue with Mailbox and this has been the case since I started using the application. It is only compatible with Gmail and iCloud email addresses, which means I cannot use it to boost my productivity with my work emails. Aside from that though I highly recommend this application, giving it 4/5 stars!