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November 26, 2014

The App-rentice, Week 7 – Countdown Keeper

Written By Rebecca Larkin

For week 7’s app review I thought I would share a fun little app I’ve been using recently – Countdown Keeper.

Countdown Keeper is the brain child of Katie & Jane, who wanted Roller to help them create an app that allows users to collect, share and organise events in their lives.

Once the user has added events with their dates, the app begins a countdown. Each event is customisable and can be organised under a specific category. Once the event is set up you are able to share it via social media (including creating an event on Facebook directly from the app), text or email so your friends can get involved too. The design of the app is also really appealing as it’s fun and quite girlie – which is unusual for a functional app.


My favourite feature by far is the ability to set your personal photos as the background for the event. The preset backgrounds you can chose from if you don’t want to upload your own photo, or haven’t got one that is suitable, are really nicely designed too. Editing any event is simple, just click on the event and you can change any area of the information.

The only downside I found is that you have to upgrade to add more than 3 events and also to use some of the preloaded backgrounds. However, the cost of upgrading is only 69p so I can hardly complain!


So far I’ve really enjoyed using the app. It’s been great to display the events I’ve got up-coming over the Christmas period and share them with my friends and family who are also invited. Therefore I’d rate the app 4/5 stars and have already recommended it to some of my friends! You can find it on the App Store.