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December 3, 2014

The App-rentice: Week 8 – Hootsuite

Written By Martin Sandhu

Keeping up with the trends by constantly updating all of your social media channels may leave you in a daily pickle. Ensuring it’s done consistently can be a full time job in itself, which is why our next app up for review is the social media app Hootsuite.

Although this product has been around for quite a while now, its importance hasn’t diminished as many organisations still firmly rely on social media to promote to, inform and entertain their stakeholders, it’s vital that the process is as effective as possible. Hootsuite streamlines this necessity and removes the need to use a number of logins to post the same update, reaching all of your social audiences at the click of one button.

For users who don’t have the time to put aside a couple of periods a day to update their audiences, Hootsuite has a scheduling function. Social media managers can login just a few times a week and plan content to be released.

On top of this there is also a helpful auto-schedule facility to find the best time of day to reach your unique followers/connections. For Roller, most of our audience are online at 2pm, so we are able to plan updates with this in mind.

These 2 functions are great if the output can be scheduled, but users must be careful not to ignore interactions: which are surely the cornerstone of “social” media.

There are many other great features within Hootsuite. For example, the analytics function can give you a much clearer overview of your audience on different linked social platforms. However, to gain access to all of the information Hootsuite does require an upgrade to the Enterprise edition (at a cost, of course). But for basic analytics it can give you some relatively good insights.

Another feature is the option to receive notifications when your profile username is being used as a keyword or mentioned in a comment on Twitter or Facebook, allowing the app to collect accurate data of your interactions to give your assurance of how well your profiles are doing. Another feature combats issues with Tweeting long URLs when you are already working to a 140-character limit; Hootsuite has the ability to shorten hyperlinks within posts.

In addition, if you’re ever on the move the app also makes great use of geotagging on social profiles to let your audience know where you are. This is great if you’re attending an industry event or client meeting you want to share with your network. Finally a few other interesting features are the ability to translate posts into more than fifty languages and also to see your followers/people you follow’s Klout score which is good for comparisons.

Having tried all the features Hootsuite packs, the only drawback is that, as with many apps, to use all the features the product comes at a price. £9.99 p/m to be exact, which all adds up. Especially when you’re already trying to monetize the ROI from social channels.

To give the final judgment of this social media app, I would look at its purpose. As social media is now vital for every business and to manage each account can become tricky, this app makes minimises the time spent on each of your platforms. For personal use I would highly recommend it, but for a business considering whether or not to pay for the Enterprise upgrade, I would advise them to consider whether the company will really benefit from all of the paid features and perhaps most importantly, whether the social media manager has time to fully utilise everything.

Overall I would give it 4/5 stars!