May 5, 2014

Archibots – Robotic expertise in architecture and construction

Written By Gishan Don Ranasinghe


CAD, Computer-Aided Designing is been using to draw plans that are digital representations of man-made designs for real world objects. This technology often serves in construction, from small-scale constructions to mega structures. So far engineers were using CAD software like AutoCAD or MicroStation to design and plan the architects.

But there are rumours about a project, currently been developing in South Korea, which is intending to revolutionize the methods of architecture and construction. The team is making a robot, an Archibot, which can print the digital CAD plans onto the construction ground. Archibots seek to avoid the human errors associated with interpreting information from construction documents. When an Archibot printed the plan onto the ground a contractor will be able to build the structures without any further measurements or looking at any scaled paper plans. Contractors can just follow the real world sized printed plan on the site to build the construction. According to the project leaders this can be easy as following a map to arrive to a destination.

Archibot is working as same as an engineer but more accurate than a human.  First the contractor must input the precise plan of the construction site to the robot’s system. This is the input. Then they need to input the expecting plan. This is the expecting output. So the robot’s task is to use the given data and draw the real world sized plan onto the construction site. When the robot is placed in the construction site and given the input and output it will move to each and every corner of the site to analyse the scales. Then it will compare these scales with the expected plan’s scales. Finally it will draw and visualize the real world sized plan onto the site.

There are many questions raised by people about these Archibots. Many are not sure if the robot can be used in a physical construction site rather than a simulated environment. Well, we first need to try it, and then if there is anything we just need to improve it. Because inventions like these will save both time and resources. Time, time is running out. Resources, resources are in an age of extinction. So lets try something new like Archibots to save enough time and recourses to the future domain.