February 20, 2013

Are you making the most of smartphone marketing

Written By Martin Sandhu


So you know people use smartphones loads now, right? And that your website and emails should be mobile compatible? And you probably should be considering an app too? But are you really making the most of it or are you simply ticking boxes?

Ideally all these aspects should be linked, for retailers especially there is nothing more infuriating than clicking on a link in an email, being taken to a mobile website and then being told ‘Hey, we have an app you know!’ when I ALREADY HAVE IT! Removing the frustration factor and making the mobile experience seamless is one way of encouraging users to use your apps and mobile sites more, but it also portrays a great image of your brand too.

Think about using the app for exclusive content and offers. If the app is on a users phone they are constantly reminded of your brand, in a much less pushy way than online adverts! Giving users exclusive offers and timely reminders of sales and discounts via the app gives them a reason to open it regularly, rather than simply deleting it once they’ve made a purchase. In fact, recent Adobe research found that both smartphone and tablets users listed ‘Money saving offers when using the app’ as the most important factor in a shopping app.

Whilst ‘push notifications’ can be hugely irritating – especially those that appear every day at exactly the same time – when used sparingly they’re a great marketing tool. Take for example The Snowman and the Snowdog (Channels 4’s seasonal Snowman spin off) game. Not only did the app itself have in-game reminders of when the animation was to be premiered, but it also used push-notifications to give viewers a one-hour warning, followed by reminders that it could still be watched online.

If your business isn’t ideally placed for an app, and there are many that aren’t, then there are other ways of marketing via mobile devices. Consider sponsoring an app or a game, it could be as simple as helping your chosen charity to fund and launch an app or as clever as sponsoring a business productivity app which is aimed at your target audience. Alternatively there are reams of examples of very successful mobile advertising campaigns that can be effectively targeted.