Roller Autumn Marketing
November 14, 2017

The 10 Best Examples of Autumn Marketing Campaigns in Retail

Written By Nikki McCaig

Autumn marketing is easy enough to do: seasonal sales, Halloween trends, cosy pumpkin-spice aesthetic and you’re all set for the season. But for certain brands, their level of commitment to the autumn season has gone above and beyond to engage their consumers completely before the festive campaigns begin.

Starbucks – Pumpkin Spice Latte

Roller Autumn MarketingOne of the most successful autumn marketing campaigns is unquestionably the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, whose reach has dominated global markets, and is now recognised as a staple of autumn indulgence. Their multi-platform marketing campaign covers uniquely designed television adverts, GIFs, social filters, Spotify ads, and a range of visual banner adverts featuring the signature spice drink, helping it to reach an enormous audience. One of their biggest marketing strategies is their use of influencer marketing, using platforms such as Buzzfeed and Youtube to raise the product profile. Using seasonal trends and extreme reach advertising, this latte is a winner for autumn marketing campaigns.

Waitrose – Make This Autumn Season The Warmest

Roller Autumn MarketingA combination of two British favourites, Waitrose’ 2015 TV ad campaign ‘Make This Autumn The Warmest Season’ is a stand out classic for high quality autumnal marketing. Featuring audio from children’s classically animated Winnie The Pooh, the advert shows a montage of hearty autumnal activities on a ‘Blustery Day’, from apple picking and baking, to rainy walks and pumpkin carving. Pairing the charming music with the great british autumn makes for a really standout campaign, excitingly highlighting natural Waitrose produce.

SKODA – Awaken Your Inner Child

Roller Autumn MarketingIn a largely cinematic approach to Halloween marketing, the 2016 SKODA TV advert for US consumers is a combination of childish fantasy and innovative technical representation, as it features a child carving a pumpkin, and an adult carving his car into a pumpkin. In a series of clever jump cuts and stormy lighting, the unspoken message of the advert is clear: Halloween really isn’t just for children.

Topshop – Stranger Things For Halloween

Roller Autumn Marketing

Released on Halloween, the collaboration between fashion brand Topshop and cult TV series Stranger Things made headline news as they created a capsule collection of branded clothing for fans of the show. Sharing their collection across Snapchat and Instagram stories, the T-shirts were exclusive to Topshop, and serve as a uniquely modern example of on-trend seasonal marketing.

Sainburys – Poppy Appeal

1334801 Sainsbury s Poppy Appeal TV ad - The 10 Best Examples of Autumn Marketing Campaigns in Retail

In a moving homage to the Remembrance Poppy Appeal, Sainsbury’s traditionally supported the cause through an artistic, illustrated television advert, with eye catching colour and a moving sentiment to help raise funds for the charity. Though not widely spread, this contributed to the emotional period of Remembrance, without ever losing sight of the brands key values.

Pandora – Forever Friends

Roller Autumn Marketing

Pandora was already an existing stand-alone brand by the time it’s Forever Friends ad was released in 2016. With a tagline of ‘Get that Autumn feeling and experience the spirit of friendship’, the advert featured two friends on an adventure through an autumnal forest, hitting all of the key trends and aesthetics of the season, all whilst decked in beautiful Pandora charms. With cosy log cabins, falling leaves and an exciting road trip through the colourful hills, this is a solid seasonal marketing campaign that ticks all of the right boxes for engagement and appeal.

EDREM x H&M – The Secret Life of Flowers

Roller Autumn MarketingOne of the most exciting collaborations to come out of this year’s autumn season was the ERDEM x H&M collection, entitled ‘The Secret Life of Flowers’. Embracing a whole spectrum of fall colour palettes, the exciting promotional video, directed by Hollywood auteur Baz Luhrmann, features a modern love story, dressed in the new autumn collection for H&M. Set in a luxurious country manor, at an upper class party, where every item of decor has a rich autumnal feel. Advertising the collection through the medium of film is a unique and innovative approach to seasonal marketing, and makes for a truly exciting experience for consumers to enjoy.

IKEA – The Wonderful Everyday

roller autumn marketingThough not specifically autumnal, the use of cosy home interiors and uplifting family life in 2017’s IKEA advertising has become a symbol of the changing seasons. With a decidedly warming colour tone to the televised adverts, the latest addition showcases a family moving about their home, celebrating each others small, mundane achievements, highlighting the message that everyday can be a big day if you want it to be. It’s a comforting, welcome addition to the seasonal spectrum of advertising, that’s made a big impact on its users and consumers.

M&S ‘Women’s Fashion 2016

Roller AutumnSet against a backdrop of falling leaves, and advertising nothing but the latest range in cold season clothing, the M&S marketing campaign for autumn 2016 showcased their cosy selection of woolly accessories, knitwear, coats and boots for every seasonal occasion. Sturdy shoes for leafy walks, warm mittens for bonfire night attire, blanket coats for trick or treating – it’s a practical promotion that really does pay off in terms of quarterly conversions.

River Island – #I’mWithRI

Roller Autumn MarketingPublished in September 2017, River Island’s fall collection was advertised through their digital marketing campaign, hitting their young adult, unisex demographic through a beautiful collection of shots in plums, beiges and golds for the autumn season. Every model is pictured wearing a variety of fall textures; plaid, camel felt, denim, and encapsulating the seasonal marketing trends through simple, yet effective campaigns.

In marketing calendars, autumn is already over, so it’s good to look back and appreciate some of the most effective retail campaigns of the season as we approach the Christmas period.