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August 17, 2017

Our Autumn Tech Predictions

Written By Nikki McCaig

Our predictions for the upcoming autumn season.

The summer of tech has revealed some new and innovative developments in the key sectors of in the industry. From the Facebook AI languages, to the new releases in VR gaming and apps, the technical world is evolving and growing with every passing season.

But what do we predict from the autumn tech releases?

Delivery Bots

Already beginning their trial run in Central London, takeaway delivery bots designed for JustEat and Pronto food services are set to be a popular trend in Autumn. With Brits spending more and more of their evenings indoors due to the colder weather, the demand for takeaway services will rise, and so will the demand for these time saving, zero emissions robots.

Travel Innovations

Following a recent series of tweets by President Trump, the announcement that a $1.6bn Toyota and Mazda plant is being built in America has already set wheels in motion to keep tech competitors innovating . With the release of Tesla’s vegan-friendly, tech-savvy electric car hitting news headlines daily, and new travel-based AI software being introduced to systems like Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus, the tech and travel overlap is predicted to increase come Autumn 2017.

New iPhone released

One of the worst kept secrets in the tech predictions for the Autumn months is the release of the new iPhone 8. Whilst most of its features, and name, are left hidden, leaked information has been published online, detailed the new SmartCam features, removal of the ‘home’ button and Pearl ID facial recognition software. The media is predicting a late launch, contrasting the previous year’s September launch, meaning that Apple Stores are set to be well stocked by mid-Autumn.

Increased CyberCrime

With the recent NHS security hack still appearing in news headlines, the danger of new formats of CyberCrime is unfortunately a likely prediction for the tech scene of Autumn. From low level indicators like the FakeNews Facebook and Twitter updates, to the extreme cases of radio and GPS sabotage in ships across Asia and the UK, it seems that hackers are finding more and more ways to access and unbalance the staples of digital and technical societies.

Increased CyberSecurity

As a result of increased CyberCrime, we might also see a rise in CyberSecurity to combat the threats. Communications companies are hiring units and specialists to help protect their databases against potential cyber threats, and the use of firewalls and additional security features are being installed almost globally as an emergency form of defence. Autumn is looking to see further progress in not only the protection of assets against CyberCrime, but also in the hunt to catch and secure hackers permanently.

Netflix Subscription Rise

Although the online subscription service has slipped in subs slightly in the summer months, with so many of us spending our time outdoors, rather than in front of a screen, as Autumn rolls around, more and more new Netflix releases are being delivered.

From brand new series, such as The Defenders, Mindhunters and Big Mouth, to new seasons of Better Call Saul, Narcos, Stranger Things and The Crown, there’s a fresh boost of content to keep users signing up to the site, with a re-design set for release at the beginning of Winter.

The Autumn of tech is set to be a season of new starts, and refreshing changes for much of the tech we admired in Summer, as well as predicting a rise in AI across all forms of technology, domestic and commercial. So, with the changing weather bringing everyone back indoors, there’s no better time to explore the new tech of Autumn.

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