June 18, 2014

Benefits of creating an app for your small business

Written By Martin Sandhu


Nearly all businesses know the importance of having a website. However, now that smartphones and tablets are growing in popularity, it is becoming more important than ever to improve the mobile experience for your customers – and that often means creating an app.

Many businesses feel that they don’t need to create an app. Indeed, if you have an attractive, mobile-optimised website, you may well not need an app at all. But apps can also have many benefits, so it may be a good idea to start thinking about creating your own, even if you are a small business.

Apps Provide a Solution to a Problem

Whereas your website will often include all the information about your company and what you do, an app can focus on performing one specific function. This should be something interesting or useful that your customers would enjoy using so that they spend time engaging with it. It could even be in the form of a game that provides information or an educational experience and makes your brand look fun or like an expert in a particular area.

Overall, it should provide a solution to a problem that your customers are having. If it is really useful, it may even be downloaded by people who are not your customers, helping to increase your customer base.

Target Customers Directly

People have to download your app to their devices, and that means they are showing an interest in your business. Rather than trying to attract their attention with ads, you can target them through your app in a personal way. People carry their phones on them all the time, and an app can be a personal and effective way to reach out to your customers.

Apps Improve Your Customer Relationships

If you provide a positive experience in your app, this can help to reinforce positive feelings. For example, you could provide a special offer that is only available via the app, and this can be seen as a reward for using the app.

This is especially useful if you have an e-commerce store. As well as special offers, you could simplify the purchasing process in the app to improve the shopping experience and thereby improve positive emotions surrounding your business.

It’s Another Place to Give Your Business a Presence

Everyone has a website these days, including all of your competitors. But they probably don’t all have apps – even if they do, they probably don’t do them well. Simply having an app visible on the market can increase your brand visibility and can boost confidence in your brand even for someone who does not download it.

Apps Are Affordable

There is a misconception that mobile apps have to be expensive to develop and maintain, but this is not always so. For small businesses, apps can be created simply and easily even on a tight budget, so there is often no need to let the cost put you off. We can help, mobile app development is one of Roller’s specialities.

Mobile Is the Future

Mobile is very much the future of how we access the web, and businesses must prepare for this now. A mobile website is the first stage, but an app can also come with many benefits. An app can sometimes be a large investment, but it does not have to cost a fortune – and if you do it properly, it can more than pay for itself.