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September 12, 2017

The Best Tech TED Talks

Written By Nikki McCaig

Short, powerfully influential and modern talks on every subject have become a staple in cultural learning and education. We explore the worldwide phenomenon of Ted Talks through the lens of tech.

With talks debating mental health, physics, travel, relationships, office life, and media, there are over 2000 talks available to view right now for the budding listener.

As a digital tech company, we utilise the world of the Ted Talk for our own personal development in the field. We never underestimate the power of information saturation, and the benefit that educating ourselves on topics outside of our peripheral can bring. However, when we’re craving a bit of tech talk, Ted is our go-to for an industry debate, innovative discussion and new perspective on a digital update.

So today we’re sharing our the Best Ted Talks for Tech today, for any budding tech enthusiasts, experienced engineers, or professional prototypers to get their tech chat fix.

How Better Tech Could Protect Us From Distraction

Tristan Harris

This Ted Talk is perfect for the procrastinator. Discussing how the tech we work on daily is actually the problem that keeps up procrastinating, Tristan Harris breaks down the way we approach distraction and value of information in the digital age. Building up on his own ideas of technology to prevent distraction, Harris describes the way in which we prioritise, agree to be distracted and force ourselves to not-work through the technology we have at our disposal.

10 Top Time Saving Tech Tips

David Pogue

Ted Talk legend David Pogue at his finest, spending barely 5 minutes very simply explaining the basic tech tricks that we ought to know but don’t. From space bars to camera shutters, he covers every small tip that will save you time when browsing, working, shooting, or playing with your favourite form of tech.

The Anthropology of Mobile Phones

Jan Chipchase

A true fascination of Nokia research, Jan Chipchase, is the notion of ‘carrying’, and the role that our mobile phones play in our day to day carrying of objects. In his Talk on the Anthropology of Mobile Phones, he discusses the location of phones in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the essentials of our daily lives, and the symbolic purpose that a phone has in our basic need for survival.

Computing a Theory of Everything

Stephen Wolfram

In a more tech-heavy Ted Talk, Stephen Wolfram shares his quest to make every single piece of knowledge computable, from everyday discussions, feelings, and plans, to the physics and dynamics of the planet. In his own words, he aims to achieve a ‘computational universe’, and highlights how tech is his key to doing so.

The Technology of Touch

Katherine Kuchenbecker

Describing the importance of her personal project, Haptography, in this Talk, Katherine Kuchenbecker talks about how the everyday interfaces we use could be improved by including the sense of touch. Using the example of untouchable museum exhibits, she describes how these, along with online retail and dentistry could be improved and become more engaging through Haptography.

Ted Talks are a great, modern way to keep up with the world of tech from the perspective of the professionals. So get online and start listening, we’ve got plenty more recommendations to come.