March 22, 2013

This week in digital: BOTS, BlackBerry and Smartphone gender divide

Written By Martin Sandhu

BlackBerry store tops 100,000 apps, up 30,000 in 7 weeks

blackberry 10 sign bgr - This week in digital: BOTS, BlackBerry and Smartphone gender divide

BlackBerry has long been the forte of the work phone, but after the announcement of the Z10 and a new operating system the beleaguered smartphone maker is upping it’s game.

In the seven weeks since the announcement the company has added 30,000 new apps to its store, including The Wall Street Journal and Amazon Kindle. And there’s much more to come, Cnet reports that in the next few weeks Blackberry users will be able to download Skype, eBay and Soundhound, amongst others.

Botnet steals ‘millions of dollars from advertisers’
Many-a paranoid marketer has suspected competitors may be clicking their PPC campaigns, but now a network of bots has been uncovered which is suspected to have cost advertisers millions.

UK web analytics firm believes thousands of computers are stealing up to £3.6m a month by generating fake digital ad views.

The ads affected are display adverts on over 200 websites

YouTube reaches a billion monthly viewers…
…that’s equivalent to a third of the worlds populations, every month!

At the time of the Google takeover in 2006, YouTube had an estimated usage of 50 million worldwide. The site has changed significantly since then, but so too has the use of social media, couple that with the advertising from it’s parent company and it’s easy to see how it’s grown.

In the announcement on it’s blog Youtube said, “Nearly one in every two people on the Internet visit Youtube…if Youtube were a country it would be the third largest in the world after China and India.”

Girls are more interested in smartphones than boys
No, we don’t mean they like their mobiles more than they like their boyfriends!! A study has found the young men prefer desktop PC’s and games consoles, whereas girls of the same generation would rather use a smartphone.

Market research firm Mintel found that in the UK girls ages 7 to 15 are more likely to own a smartphone than boys of the same age. 45% of those girls said they used their smartphone every day, whereas just 35% of boys with a smartphone are daily users.