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September 6, 2017

Is Your Business Ready For An App

Written By Nikki McCaig

Currently available on the Apple App Store today, there are over 2.2 million apps being downloaded by users across the globe. Over the past few years mobile apps have moulded themselves into an incredibly lucrative and growing industry, hosting a diverse range of purposes, sectors and actions. Where once, the only app available for engagement was the Nokia Snake, now there’s an app for everything – from booking doctors appointments, to planning holidays, to finding love. But the most progressive industry taking on the app form? Business. Some of the biggest companies, brands and businesses in the world have adopted adjoining apps to help them reach out to their customers and audiences.

Which companies use apps?

One of the most obvious examples of a successful business/app collaboration is IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant with a handy mobile app to help customers design and style their homes. With over 10,000,000 installs, it’s one of the most popular brands to branch out into app marketing, closely mirroring Starbucks, the expansive coffee chain with an app to save points and receive special gifts to win free coffees. Other brands championing the benefits of an app are Tesco, Forbes, Prada, and Canon, as well as hundreds of other big name businesses.

But smaller businesses have also proven that they can make apps work too. Local and independents pubs and nightclubs are making up a significant portion of the app store, as well as family-run cafes, boutiques and bakeries. Even your favourite takeaway will be linked up to a mobile delivery service like JustEat or Deliveroo. From fashion and beauty to tech and construction, it seems that almost every business sector can be improved and engaged by an app.

What do I need before I get an app?

As a business considering creating an app, there are few things to consider.

Is my business ready for an app?

Much like any new marketing development, apps need to be branded carefully, to reflect the existing design of your site/business. So if you’re planning a rebrand or a relaunch in the next year, perhaps hold off on designing your app too soon. They also need to be marketed and maintained and sold to your customers, so you need to have a strong digital marketing and sales team in place. It’s also vital that you can maintain any issues with the app, any bugs, faults or glitches. To monitor this, not only do you need a great relationship with your app development company, but also a flawless communications strategy and measures in place to record complaints about the app.

Can my business budget for an app?

As previously discussed, apps require a lot more maintenance funding than you might expect. Any issues that require fixing will be extras, on top of design changes and cosmetic issues. The app itself might be a high price for an entirely interactive and responsive experience, but you need to make sure you have the budget to support it long after its initial design as well.

Does my business need an app?

Although the diverse world of app development is capable of producing apps for every sector and subject imaginable, it might not be entirely relevant to assign an app to your business. Your app should be an extension of your business, a hand-held way of continuing the service you provide online or inperson. So if you can’t think of a unique, innovative way to extend that, then it might be necessary for you to invest.

The benefits of a business app

The most important to things to consider, however, are the benefits of creating an app. Not only are you propelling your business into the modern world, designing app also opens up your target audience to an entirely new demographic. Younger generations and tech-savvy consumers are suddenly viable target markets for your industry, and can be spoken to on a more personal level.

If your business is profit-based, an app is another platform to drive sales and conversions. You will have more freedom to connect with your users, and to showcase even more information that held on your website, in a much more interactive format.

So if you think your business is ready for an app, and you want to see the benefits of a business app for yourself, why not get in touch with us, here at Roller, and start expanding your business world.

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