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April 11, 2018

How Good UX Design Can Turn A Corporate Site Into An Innovative Digital Experience

Written By Nikki McCaig

The aesthetics of corporate design can usually be defined by a number of characteristics: dark tones, block colours and sharp, unfriendly lines. The titan industries of finance, politics and business are some of the most valuable and indispensable sectors of the world, and their client base can equally so.

Yet, for designers, the corporate world presents a number of challenges. The steadfast and serious content of their digital products leaves little room for lighthearted or intensely creative web design, so designers must come up with new approaches for their corporate clients.

But with good UX and an inspiration team of designers, even the most basic and heavy of corporate sites can be transformed into innovative, interactive and engaging online experiences.

Visual Variety

edho pratama 149011 unsplash - How Good UX Design Can Turn A Corporate Site Into An Innovative Digital Experience

One of the most engaging elements of digital design is its ability to take ordinary images and visuals, and curate them into a product that is aesthetically unmissable and beautiful. When it comes to corporate design, there should be no exceptions.

Interlocking the right colour palettes, the right imagery, the right models and the perfect typography can transform a cold, unwelcoming and almost unreadable site into an experience of exciting content and opportunity.

To help keep your corporate clients engaged, our Head of Design Gemma recommends a mix of diverse typography styles, with the three fonts she opts for listed below:

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Clear Navigation

Roller Corporate DesignClear navigation is also an essential part of the ideal user journey. Corporate sites are predominately used for professional purposes, to allow users to find crucial information, through a clear layout and accessible format.

The most important features of a corporate website would usually fall under the tabs of contact information, general purpose and the teams involved in the process. Excessive information should ideally be restricted and condensed to PDFs and downloadable files, rather than being prominently featured on the site. Social sharing should also be a lower priority on the site, as traditional corporate users will opt for useful contact details over millennial media platforms.

Creating a dedicated user journey to take your user from A to B across the selected corporate site is also going to become a huge advantage in balancing your UX design elements. Putting the needs of the user before aesthetics, visuals and otherwise engaging transitions is going to carry a lot of favour with straight-talking corporate clients.

Understanding the User

matthew henry 35963 unsplash - How Good UX Design Can Turn A Corporate Site Into An Innovative Digital ExperienceThe core principles of UX design lie in the understanding of the user. Designers have a huge responsibility to act as both the performer and the audience when it comes to digital products, as they not only need to create the content, but visualise how the user will engage with it also. How will they respond to this image? What emotional or mental connotations does this visual suggest? Will this amount of content be beneficial or belittling to a traditional business user?

Knowing just who your end user will be is going to be a key factor in designing your corporate content. Consuming the traditional styles of other corporate sites and utilising the opportunities to take the UX elements from them and combining them with a more tailored and modern visual approach is one of the most useful skills a web designer can possess.

Some of the best examples of carefully designed UX corporate sites can come from a range of markets and industries, from gas mining and purifying with Molecular Products: to corporate property dealers in Carman Friend: .

Good UX design has the potential to transform every digital product into something beautiful and innovative. The work carried out by our designers, and UX designers across the world should never be understated as without it, the digital world would look very very different.

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