May 14, 2014

Creating an unforgettable website

Written By Martin Sandhu

Me Plus One Website

Think of your favourite advert. You’ve probably got a few and favourites will be different for everyone. However, one commonality is that you’ll remember it, often word for word and shot for shot. It’s unforgettable.

Adverts are meant to sell something, so an unforgettable advert is what any brand will shoot for; the same theory should apply to websites too. Websites are developed and designed to sell a product after all. Regardless of whether it’s an e-commerce site, a three-page brochure or a simple one page with details of a physical location.

Making a website unforgettable will not only increase conversion rates, it will reinforce your brand and attract new custom.

Initial impact

Grabbing attention is key, if a visitor doesn’t like what they see within a few seconds they’re likely to bounce straight back again. Don’t just focus on the design though; whilst the design has a huge impact on that initial impression other aspects such as load time, auto-play videos or adverts can all have a bearing on how long a visitor hangs around for.

The headline

Just because it’s the web doesn’t mean ‘old school’ theories go out of the window. Much like newspapers, the headline will determine how much more a web visitor will view. A compelling, interesting and unique headline is great, but it’s got to tell the visitor something about your business too.

This isn’t just relevant to the front page; this strategy should be applied to landing pages and other popular pages where visitors with little understanding of your offering may find themselves.

It’s all about you

It’s hard during the web design process to put yourself in the shoes of the visitor as you are so close to the project, but it’s arguably one of the most important things to do. Your website needs to be focussed on the customer, giving them exactly what they need and in the right way.

Every single business is different so this will be entirely unique to your website, but that all aides in making it unforgettable. Finding a tone of voice and a way to succinctly portray your message is key.

The follow-up

In most cases a visitor to your website won’t buy there and then, so providing a compelling follow-up is essential. This of course requires them giving up some personal information so you need to give them a really good reason to sign-up up, whether it’s free content, exclusive offers or a discount code.

What’s important then is that follow-ups are regular, making your business truly unforgettable.