October 4, 2017

Interview: Your Time At Roller

Written By Pammy Alexander

Roller interviews Head Developer Gishan before he heads off for his next development adventure. We turn back the clock to when Roller was a startup with a team of two.

You are a fundamental part of Roller, it began with you and Martin. What does it feel like to see the product of your labour grow and develop so much before your eyes?

It is amazing to see how we grew from around two employees to where we are at now in such a short period of time. Especially, how our capabilities have grown over the years so we can deliver various design and development services for our clients.

How have you seen Roller change and what does the future hold for the company?

One of the main qualities that we are trying to incorporate is the ambition to explore and exploit cutting edge technologies. For example, we are now moving towards technologies such as AI and Machine Learning.

What has been one professional highlight of your time at Roller?

One Roller’s clients is Exco InTouch, a company which provides patient engagement solutions for clinical studies. In order to work with Exco, we had to prove our expertise in system design, application development and security architectures, and I was directly involved as a lead developer during this process.

What has been a big challenge that you and the team have overcome together (whether that is a specific project or shift in perspective)?

I would say MyZone project was the most technically advanced software product Roller has built so far. The client approached us with not only building mobile applications but also an SDK (software development kit) for their custom-built BLE heart rate monitors. We have successfully implemented this SDK without using any external services or third-party products. It was quite challenging to begin with since it was the first time we had implemented an SDK which can directly communicate with a firmware of hardware devices using low-level languages. For this reason, it was equally as rewarding to see ourselves succeed.

What is one thing that you are going to miss about Roller?

Without a doubt, the team working environment.

What is one thing you have taken away from Roller?

Roller is a testament of how teamwork can be a great asset to grow from a startup to a well-established company.hand

What is one thing you have given to Roller?

My role at Roller is mainly around providing innovative technical ideas to the team and leading developers to deliver given tasks. I believe over the years I managed to do this successfully and it has been one of the factors which helped us to grow to where we are now.

If you had to give three pieces of advice to new tech start ups, what would that be?

Accept challenges. Be innovative and think outside the box. Accomplish what was promised (word to a client matters). Don’t sell crap (deliver quality products and services).

What has been your motivation in your work at Roller? What has driven you to progress and to push through difficult projects?

It is the freedom the Roller has given me to think freely. dev