January 21, 2015

Development Choices – Web, Hybrid or Native Apps

Written By Rebecca Larkin

Recently we were asked by a client what the difference between a native, a hybrid and a web apps is, and whether it really matters which you choose.

Our preference is to always develop an app that provides the best user experience which is why we are largely a native app development agency.

Before approaching any app development agency it is important to do your research and understand the different methods of development. Although we are a native app agency, we do also develop hybrid apps when it is clearly the best option for our client.

Here’s a brief overview of the 3 development types:

  • A native app is one which is developed for one specific platform. So the app is developed for iOS and separately for Android e.g. Angry Birds. This usually provides the most enjoyable experience for users.
  • A hybrid app is written in one code and can work on most platforms e.g. Facebook. This means the app is not tailored to the user’s platform, and whilst it can be cheaper to develop initially, the long run costs of keeping it up-to-date with software updates and bug fixes can quickly add up.
  • The final option is called a web ‘app’. This is essentially a stripped down mobile site and is a good tool for conveying simple information via an app like UI when internet connection is available.

There are of course other areas to consider. So we’ve compiled this table to help you understand which method is most appropriate for your app project and the differences between each:

App development types


(Click the image to enlarge)

If you need any more information regarding an app development project we can provide help and support. Call us to discuss your brief or pop in to visit us in our new studio in Oldknows Factory, Nottingham.