May 1, 2014

Driving local traffic to your global website

Written By Martin Sandhu


Websites have changed the way companies market their business. Once the reserve of corporate brands or those putting all their eggs in the e-commerce basket, website development is available to any business, big or small regardless of what they sell.

Opening up a business to the world is daunting for companies and for some it’s entirely unnecessary, but the internet IS global. A small, Nottingham boutique store for example may want to attract customers from the wider East Midlands area but not have its heart set on world domination just yet, that doesn’t avoiding web marketing is the way to go though.

Once your website is up and running, driving local traffic to it is essential and very much possible if you follow some simple steps…

Social media

Social media is a crucial marketing tool for any business, but it’s brilliant for finding local customers too. The majority of people list where they’re from on these sites, making it super simple to find them and engage with them. Finding businesses, local organisations and media outlets is an easy way to start networking and gently encourage some retweets or shares to their local audience, providing an instant boost.

Content marketing

Giving customers a non-sales reason to visit your website can prove to be a significant boost to traffic. Blog posts which are not time-limited can be shared for months after they’re posted, providing you with interesting content for your social media channels and to use in email marketing too.


Local advertising has moved way beyond taking out a half page spread in a newspaper. Pay per click (PPC) platforms have sophisticated targeting tools that allow a local business to target exactly the audience and keyword you are looking to attract. And all social media sites now offer their own adverting platforms that let you specifically target the followers or fans of another profile.

Offline marketing

Don’t disregard offline channels when it come to driving traffic to your website. Advertise your social media accounts and website in your physical locations and make sure your web address is on any documents you use – be it receipts, compliments slips or headed a paper.