February 19, 2014

E-learning apps – a growing tool for all ages

Written By Martin Sandhu

PXi ios app

It’s easy to simply assume that apps are all about social networking, gaming or shopping – these categories certainly make up the majority of popular apps. But there are some emerging uses for apps that have a much more practical purpose and are changing the way in which mobile technology is use.

E-learning is just one of them. We know that blackboard and chalk were relegated many years ago now and interactive whiteboards have been the preference recently, but this still leaves children sitting at their desk with a pen and paper. In reality, very few people actually do this is the real world today; we are now reliant on technology day in day out.

Changing technology

IT skills are now essential learning in schools, a basic understanding was once all that was necessary but in order for young adults to function in the business world they now need a solid grasp of computing, mobile technology and apps. Even supermarket tills now require this knowledge. Using e-learning apps is a great way to educate children whilst they get to grips with the practical application of technology too – rather than simply understanding them as a gaming or Facebook tool.


We all know that attention spans are getting shorter, so learning through an app is an effective option. Simply through learning via a tablet is likely to increase engagement in the topic, when compared to writing an essay or staring at a whiteboard, but through things like gamification learning can be made to be fun.


E-learning apps can employ a wide variety of tools in one application. For example, users could watch a video at their own pace and then be presented with a questionnaire about it afterwards.

Not just for schools

E-learning apps don’t just have to be for the classroom, revision apps are already proving popular, so too adult learning apps. Languages are something many adults learn later on in life and having an app that is in their pocket whenever they have five minutes spare to learn is ideal.