February 22, 2013

This week in digital: Google, Google, Google, social customer service and newspaper websites see traffic spike

Written By Martin Sandhu

Google Glass and Chromebook Pixel

Google has been the talk of the internet this week, firstly the company released a promotional video featuring their much hyped smart glasses


The Google Glass video shows the technology in action, including the user interface the wearer will see. The user can take photos and videos with the glasses and share content directly to social networks or via email all through the use of voice controls.

Google is now inviting creatives and developers in the US to get involved using the hashtag #ifIhadglass and there are also rumours that the search giant is working with Warby Parker, a start-up company that sells trendy specs, to make the glasses more fashionable.

And just a few days later Google announced it’s touchscreen Chromebook Pixel, a laptop aimed at competing with the likes of Apple and Microsoft.

The £1,049 device will encourage users to adopt the web for the majority of their computing.

Companies are struggling to use social media for customer service
According to a study many companies are falling short in their efforts to use social media as a customer service channel.

Social media is instant and, in most cases, transparent, which is why millions of customers use it for customer service purposes. Whilst businesses themselves would much rather deal with issues and queries away from the wrath of the general public, ignoring such visible messages can have a damaging effect of brands.

National newspaper websites report bumper traffic growth
There’s been some serious growth in the amount of people reading newspapers online with all websites reporting double-digit month-on-month growth in January. The Daily Mail had a particularly good start to the year, hitting a record of just under 8 million unique hits per day.

It’s great news for companies who are moving away from more traditional marketing and focusing on online PR and advertising.

Nielsen to include web viewing in TV figures
In an interesting move, Nielsen – the American media insights company – has announced it will soon be taking the web into consideration when compiling TV viewing figures.

According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, the new reporting system will also include programmes streamed via games consoles and mobile devices.