pokemon5 - Everything That Went Wrong With Pokemon GO
November 23, 2016

Everything That Went Wrong With Pokemon GO

Written By Ella McCahill

If you haven’t noticed, Pokemon GO was a kind of a big deal! It was the perfect combination of nostalgia mixed with the interactive technology we’ve all been waiting for. It was such a success the user base managed to crash the servers the world over!

Naturally during the life cycle of an app there will be some user drop off – in fact that is one of the greatest challenges of any app, keeping the user engaged – but since launch the drop off rate has been extremely steep.

We could approach this in two ways: either to condemn augmented reality apps as a fad and the decline as inevitable, or the second more interesting way and analyse why the drop off rate has been so large.

So in order to understand a little more about these issues, we have created a chronological infographic detailing everything that went wrong with Pokemon Go.

If like me you’ve also stopped playing, you can at least relive the excitement in our blog post covering the launch of Pokemon GO right here.