September 18, 2015

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 9

Written By Rebecca Larkin

Wednesday September 16th was a noteworthy day for Apple fans as the latest iOS was launched. iOS 9 comes packed with loads of new features and everyday enhancements for its users.
Although the launch didn’t go off without a hitch, it’s still a must have for Apple users. So, we’ve rounded up the best bits of the latest OS to give you our verdict.

iOS 9

iOS 9 Built-in Apps – Old Apps, New Tricks


This brand new app makes it’s first appearance in the latest OS, and it’s already made quite an impression. With many early adopters of iOS 9 noting that the new News app was missing, it seems it’s finally ready to prove it’s use for Apple users.

This handy new app is not dissimilar to Flipboard, in that it will ask for your topic preferences and essentially build you your own virtual magazine filled with the stuff you’ll actually be interested in. But don’t get too excited about using it in the UK, as News is still missing, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to get it soon.


Ahh the old faithful Notes app has had a complete overhaul, and we love it.

Notes now has features similar to Microsoft OneNote and EverNote, and it really has taken the best of these apps and given them to Apple users. Now users will be able to make lists, check lists, add photos to their notes and sketch on the new Notepad feature.


Over this side of the pond the Maps update isn’t that spectacular, unless you’re in London, but it’s useful nonetheless. The biggest update within Maps is the addition of integrated Pubic Transport information, but at present this new feature is only available in London, Berlin, San Fransisco, New York and Toronto to name a few.

However, even if you’re not in a location with Public Transit enabled information, you’ll see a difference in Maps, it’s more intuitive, provides more location information, and easy to navigate.

Other Minor Improvements

iOS 9 isn’t about being overtly spectacular and revolutionary. On the surface, not much has changed, and it’s whats inside that counts. Under the bonnet the latest iOS has made some major changes.

Go Back to an App: When you follow a link or notification to an app, you can easily bounce back to the original app you were using by tapping the back button in the top left corner.
Search in Settings: You can now search for Settings toggles in the Settings app.
Low Power Mode: When you need to conserve power, you can enable low power mode, which temporarily lowers your CPU speed, disables motion effects, stops fetching mail messages, turns off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and turns off Background App Refresh in order to preserve battery life.
Shift Key Changes: When you tap the Shift key on the keyboard, the keyboard will now change the characters to reflect which typing mode you’re in.
New default apps: Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps.
Six Digit Passcodes: You can now set a six digit passcode for extra security.


In iOS 9 multi-tasking will be the norm, there will even be three different types of split screen to choose from.

Slide Over: This allows you to have one app layered over another at the side.
Split View: Ahh the classic, have two apps open with equal screen space, perfect when you want to give each app priority but you’re not ready to settle down with just one app.
Picture in Picture: Now you can Finally watch youtube videos while try and do something productive, or FaceTime while you Facebook. This is the split screen we’ve all been waiting for.

A hands-on Siri

Is Siri useful or nosey? More like Data or HAL? We’ll let you decide, regardless, Siri will be paying a lot more attention to you in iOS 9.

You can ask her to do more for you like search your gallery for a specific photo, ask her the latest football scores, and she’s even improved her weather reports. Siri will even learn your app usage and search habits and use this knowledge to predict where you want to go on your phone, and fill out your searches in her new Google-esque ways.

She’ll even pick events from your emails and add them to your calendar and choose and rank your favourite friends depending on who you contact most. Cheers Siri.


Overall (and download issues aside), we’re loving iOS 9. From a users perspective the changes aren’t in your face and explicit, but they’re incredibly useful and will gradually prove their many uses and improvements. iOS 9 is a great new system, which we’re sure will be well received once initial problems are ironed out.

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