Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft HoloLens
October 9, 2015

Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft HoloLens

Written By Rebecca Larkin

Earlier this week, October 6th to be exact, Microsoft hosted an event to show off all their jazzy new products. Besides the Surface Book and the second iteration of the Microsoft Band one new product really stood out: HoloLens.

What is it?

The HoloLens is the first untethered holographic computer, and no this isn’t time travel, holograms are finally here (almost). The device is due for release in the USA early 2016, but don’t get excited yet as this is the release of the developers edition and there’s currently no sign of it hitting the shelves just yet.

The device is a real technological breakthrough for Microsoft, and boasts the tools to be a real game changer, altering how we communicate, interact and create with technology.

Microsoft HoloLens Activities

What can it do?

The real question here is what can’t it do.

When Microsoft decided to start with a developer edition they opened the doors to a whole host of apps, games and uses for the device, and with such a powerful technology the possibilities may actually be endless.

Business Uses
For businesses this device will offer invaluable tools across a range of sectors.

Building in 3D will allow improvements in mHealth, Science, Engineering, Architecture and Design as workers will be able to create, mould and design a 3D object anywhere. Here’s a quick look at what this device will give to the world of education.

HoloLens will offer gamers a truly immersive gaming experience.

The two biggest games currently on their way are Minecraft and Project X-ray, but with a such a huge platform to work with we reckon you can expect to see a lot more games coming soon.

The most exciting new game for the device has a codename of Project X-Ray, and this mixed reality game took centre stage at Microsoft’s event.


Here we see the true potential of a holographic game, we can’t vouch for how well it’d actually work out in a real living room, but we doubt anyone would turn down a go at shooting aliens invading their home.

Now the personal use of HoloLens is just as exciting as the businesses and gaming uses, in fact gaming will also be a big part of personal use, because who wouldn’t want to turn their living room into a massive Minecraft area?

The device will enable everything to go beyond its screen boundaries, with everyone being able to create and shape holograms with gestures, transform their homes into virtual worlds and watch things in a completely new way.

Skype will even have it’s own HoloNotes integration giving a whole new dimension to your Skype calls with the ability to draw objects and write notes on the HoloLens display.

There can be no denying that Microsoft has begun something massive here, and fulfilled some of our futuristic dreams with the creation of the HoloLens.

We can’t wait to get our hands on it whens it’s released in the UK, and we can’t wait to develop apps on it. We’ll keep you informed of all the new HoloLens news as it happens so make sure you follow us on Twitter, and get in touch if you have your own app idea that you’d like to make a reality.