October 18, 2013

Five things to consider for your business mobile app

Written By Martin Sandhu


It should provide something different to your website and if possible generate further revenue too.

Whether you’re a relatively new, small business or a global enterprise, mobile is an essential marketing strategy. Features that are additional to the main purpose of your app can help to increase it’s popularity and reach, here are five every business should consider.

Go social
Social integration will give your social marketing a boost as well as your app. Social media users will share things they love at the drop of a hat – provided it’s easy to do so! Allow for easy sharing and if your app requires logging into or populating forms, look into one of the many Facebook applications, which let users use their profile to carry out such tasks.


Allow for customisation
This doesn’t work for every app, but it’s a worthwhile consideration. Allowing users to choose how many items they can see per page, in what order they appear etc is great, but why not let your app remember these preferences.

If your app is social or contains a lot of data, make sure privacy settings are easy to customise too, so users feel at ease using the app.

Remove clicks
This is key for every app! An app that involves lots of clicks, tapping, form filling and general hassle will fall out of favour rapidly. Once your app is built, aim to streamline it as much as possible. Make menu selections as easy as possible in just one or two clicks.

It might seem like a scary notion, but feedback is essential to improving your app. Giving users an easy way to provide feedback shows positive brand personality traits, but it also gives you a platform to find out what’s working well and what could be improved.

This is one feature for the business, rather than the user. Understanding how an app is used and tracking actions is a very easy way to understanding how well your app is performing. Much like website analytics, mobile app analytivs can give a great insight in to the strengths and weaknesses of your app.