September 11, 2013

Five things you should be considering after Apple’s latest reveal

Written By Martin Sandhu

Apple’s highly anticipated announcement in California this week revealed a lot, both in terms of product and the direction of the company. Both of which have implications on those already using iOS apps to market their business and for those in the planning and development stages of a mobile app.

Perhaps the most panic-inducing aspect is that iOS7 will be released on September 18th, giving developers very little time to get their hands on the final version (gold master), make necessary updates and changes and get iTunes connect to accept it. It’s certainly much less time than previously given, however Apple has sped up approval time significantly over the last few months.

The iPhone 5s continues Apple’s emphasis on security. Perhaps one of the most widely reported is the new Touch ID fingerprint scanning, which makes iPhones a seriously secure option. With concerns over privacy, Apple highlighted how your fingerprint will never leave the device – it’s stored in an area of the phone that will inaccessible to hackers even if they gain control of it. Those businesses with an iOS app, in particular those that store personal data, such as m-commerce apps, should make sure they are effectively using all the new security options available to them.

The first 64-bit smartphone will be widely available in just a matter of weeks, this increase in performance means that apps have much more scope than ever before. They will be able to process and store more information than they previously could, which opens up the possibilities of what apps can do and will reduce the need for marketers to scale back ambitions due to performance problems.

Motion coprocessor
Something that perhaps hasn’t received the press it should have done is CoreMotion. In short, it will mean applications will be able to better understand the activity being undertaken whilst the app is in use – eg. Running, walking, driving etc.

This has a huge impact on a wide range of apps. Imagine if your running app could pause and resume without the need for the user to push a button, or if push notifications were displayed differently when the user was driving?

Emerging Markets
The iPhone 5c might not appear to be such an important move, its appeal to the emerging market will open up a new iOS app audience. The lower-end Andriod smartphones have made the platform very popular, particularly in Asia. Apple’s first foray into this market is likely to result in a significant uptake of iOS apps in emerging markets.

Businesses with an audience, outlet or base in these emerging markets will do well to capitalise on the release of 5c by adding them to their mobile strategy.