April 22, 2014

Four simple ways to increase web conversions

Written By Martin Sandhu


Conversions equal business. Regardless of your what that business is your website needs to generate web conversions, be that by enticing them to make a purchase, filling in an signing up for newsletters, downloading software or a whitepaper or even picking up the phone to make an enquiry.

Websites are tricky things though, there’s no one formula that will work for every one and of course you want a unique design that reflects your brand. However, if web conversions are low there are some simple tweaks that can improve things…


You look at your website in a totally different way to what other visitors do, you understand it inside and out, but they don’t. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring; just that it’s easy to navigate and visitors can see exactly where they will find what they need.

Make landing pages obvious, visitors want to know who you are and what you do within seconds.


In the same vein, navigation should be easy too. Point your visitors to where they need to go and provide them with plenty of calls to action – be sure to include calls for those ready to make a purchase AND those no yet fully convinced too.


Trust is essential for conversions and sales, big bold promises, offers and discounts can sometimes be viewed as too good to be true (think neon coloured stars in cheesey old TV adverts!). Focus on building trust instead, offer up information about your business, put faces to names and add case studies and statistics to back up claims.

Be real

Using pictures of real people and products on your website is a great marketing tool, there’s been countless studies to prove effectiveness – the faceless website simply doesn’t convert as well. However, using stock images is even worse!

The likelihood that your customers have seen the same stock images somewhere else is pretty high, they’re not brand specific and often they’re unrealistic. Using pictures of real customers, clients, staff and products is much more effective and will tell your brand story much better.