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October 17, 2017

Attracting Generation Z Talent In The Workplace

Written By Nikki McCaig

The Millennial generation is a tough market to employ. With lower attention spans in an over saturated market, keeping the talent you recruit happy and engaged is no longer a case of financial reward and job security. To truly excite and keep their Generation Z employees, businesses and brands must undertake a series of cultural requirements before hiring from the pool of potential millennial talent.

Dispel The Myths About Generation Z

One of the first ways to engage the Z Generation? Ignore everything and anything you read about them online. The media tends to portray Generation Z employees as demanding, labour-fearing, glued-to-their-phones daydreamers, who suffered from overpraising parents and the idea that ‘anything is possible’. This is not true, and assuming that every millennial castaway you meet will share these ideals is a generalising insult, and negative way to begin a successful career.

Through researching into the popularised ‘employment trends’ of Generation Z, many claims have been made about the work ethic, personal lives and cultural behaviours of this particular age bracket. One author cites that Gen Z doesn’t believe in a work-life balance, another claims that financial security no longer matters to them, and one went so far as to describe their daily working attitude as unfocused and lazy.pexels photo 273238 - Attracting Generation Z Talent In The Workplace

Millennials and Generation Z employees can be some of the most creative, inventive and equality-driven workers in the field, with their humanitarian priorities and inspirational technological skill taking precedence over 6 figure salaries and cold prestige. Dispelling the myths and preconceptions of this revolutionary workforce could open up their potential to make a real difference to the way your business works.

The Culture of the Side Hustle

Perhaps the most difficult element of employing a younger, modern generation for traditional employers: the acknowledgement of the Side Hustle. A Millennial critique once described the Generation Z trend of having multiple projects and passions on the go an ‘Energy Leak’ for the company – an escape of valuable creative talent, which would be better poured solely into the workplace.

But there are more benefits than disadvantages to embracing your employee’s side projects. So many millennials are running on shared time, dividing their energies between their employed role, and other projects such as freelance work, blogs, music careers, influencer roles, part time jobs, etc…  For an old fashioned employer, this is a frightening prospect, as the idea that your staff care more about other roles than their current job surely can’t be good for business. But more and more young workers are claiming that being allowed and encouraged to work on side projects is helping them to perform better at work. Restricting the passion projects of your team is only going to breed frustration and resentment, so supporting their hustles is only going to contribute to a happier, comfortable and inspired working environment for both you and your colleagues.

Change is For The Better

A significant difference in the working behaviours of the ‘baby boomer’ generation, and Generation Z is their attitude towards change. Where older workers were satisfied with a steady role, stability and consistency in their professional life, younger generations are craving change and diversity in their responsibility and titles.

The typical millennial is driven by the idea that they are capable of anything which means that a role in marketing, HR, PR, admin, security, management, design and development is not likely to phase them. A little more cautious to settle and commit to a singular role than their predecessors, this new innovation of workers likes to try several sectors and roles before selecting their chosen field, and even then this is prone to change. Accepting and embracing the need for new projects, roles and challenges in your young teams is a good motivator, and the perfect chance to adopt new workforce skills from your employees.

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Generation Z workers are also engaged in a constant battle for improvement and perfection. Whether it’s achieving the perfect Instagram theme or securing the perfect deal with a new high profile, their inspiration is found within their own capabilities, so give them room to expand and improve. Training and development programmes, management workshops and internal promotions are direct ways to kickstart your staff into action, and gives you the opportunity to radicalise your typical workplace procedures for 2018.

For the Generation Z or millennial working classes, they face immensely competitive industries, higher expectations and intense pressure to succeed. So to keep hold of the young talent in your workplace, utilise their skills and you’ll reap every single penny of the rewards.