Roller Generation C
April 16, 2018

What All Good Developers Need To Learn About Generation C

Written By Nikki McCaig

From Generation X to Baby Boomers to Alphas, the consumer spectrum is one everyone in technology and retail should be fully versed in. Learning the difference between to how to development functionality for a 60 year old vs a 16 year old is key part of a mobile engineers day to day responsibility.

But what happens when a new consumer group is introduced? One without the limitations of age, but instead the grouping of a characteristic or lifestyle choice. How do good developers adapt to the new conventions of Generation C – the generation of the connected?

What is Generation C?

jody hodnett 198937 unsplash - What All Good Developers Need To Learn About Generation C

Although predominantly composed of the under 35s, Generation C is the new sector of the population living almost entirely online. Connected to every form of social media, digital platform and virtual sphere, members of Gen C are typically linked to others through their online relationships and friendships, developing new types of emotional connections through digital communications.

Not segmented by jobs, age, physical attributes or personal factors, this generation is one of the most equal and encompassing, with many of us automatically falling into it without knowing. Those growing up with tablets, mobile phones, computers and laptops have created a new demographic for developers and technicians to market to, with new products for them being released almost daily.

How Should Developers Adapt Their Technologies to Generation C?

jacob ufkes 195221 unsplash - What All Good Developers Need To Learn About Generation CWhen developing a mobile or web product for Generation C, there are several new elements of functionality that need to be considered.

  • Aesthetic Quality

Although usability is still a huge factor in the popularity of a product for Generation C, this is a generation used to the highest quality gadgets, gizmos and applications. They are reluctant to market and share unattractive and low finesse products, and with their group potential as influencers, this has got to be a priority for the designers and developers behind them.

  • Industry Knowledge

When it comes to a deep understanding of technology, Generation C is hard to beat. It’s not hard to predict just how advanced this consumer group is when it comes to frameworks, firewalls and front end development, with at least 50% having a basic understanding of digital UX design. So developers need to plan their technologies with this in mind. User manuals can be shortened, buttons can be slicker, fonts smaller and apps more adaptable. Accessibility is still a necessary function, but the more complex features have a lot more scope in terms of user understanding.

  • Cross Platform Friendly

One of the most useful features of a product for Generation C is its versatility. Something that can adapt and be transferred seamlessly across multiple devices with entirely equality functionality on every platform is going to be a huge hit with this younger demographic. This consumer group wants to take a product from room to room, from city to city, and on and offline. They want to go everywhere with their phones in their pockets, their laptops in their bags and their computers on their desk – if your product can’t be connected across all of these devices, then it might be a struggle to sell.

What Are The Benefits of Utilising Generation C Technologies?

william iven 5895 unsplash - What All Good Developers Need To Learn About Generation CFrom a marketing perspective, there’s no greater audience than Generation C. But not only is this generation your audience, but they are also your performer, roadie, stage manager and PR rep rolled into one. When Generation C likes a product, they really really like it, and it won’t be long before an entire army of digitally connected voices are promoting the development work that you’ve put into your product. To be used as influencers, user feedback, critics and supporters, if you can get a team of Generation C’s behind your company name, your reputation will be pretty much secured for life.

However, there are some requirements and high expectations of a Gen C backed company. Sharing many of the same qualities as Millennials and Generation Z, ethical purity is a huge focal point for Generation C too, with many reluctant to support heavily right wing policies within technology companies. A strong social media front is also key for attracting Generation C users to your product, as their relationships with brands are typically built through the information they consume online.

Human benefit. Generation C likes gadgets and tools that benefit, not just them, but their community as well. Whether this means a charity backing, profit share with an animal shelter, eco-friendly production method, or mental health support for users, digital products need to good as well work well for Generation C to enjoy them fully.

So for the development community, Generation C is your new consumer base, and there are so many ways to take advantage of this eager to learn and adopt generation. Keen to explore new technologies, every possible angle should be considered when evolving your new digital product for this user group, to really optimise their potential as consumers. Keep it functional, sharable and enjoyable, and you’ll be reaching for that connectivity generation in no time.