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November 3, 2014

Being a graphic design graduate at Roller Agency

Written By Ryan Wright

It goes without saying that the end of your university life can be a daunting thought. Especially with so much said about the difficulty that graduates can face finding their desired job after graduating. I was very much one of those students quite worried about being released into the real world and for that reason I made it my goal to find the right job for me before I finished my studies!


For me the term ‘Graphic Designer’ can apply to many different types of people, in my university class each graphic design graduate had different styles and favoured fields. Mine was always the area of digital design. I love technology and feel my best work is done when designing for the screen.

The next step was to find an opportunity which matched my design style and it wasn’t long before I found Roller Agency. The services they offered and the projects work on seemed to be a perfect match for me. A few emails and an interview later, I had landed the job!


Many students don’t always know what to expect when starting their new job. I was no exception, but as soon as I started at Roller I felt right at home. This was definitely partly down to the team who genuinely made me feel at home from the off.

The tasks I’m involved with can vary from day to day which makes my role more exciting and challenging. Most days you will find me wire-framing,  prototyping and designing user interfaces for Roller’s latest apps. I also get to add my input into the user journey in apps in order to provide the best user experience possible.

I found myself learning new techniques and having new ideas with each project that has come my way. Having a close relationship with the developers is absolutely key for me; we can chat about the possibilities that development can offer a project. This broadens my imagination and enables me to create even better digital experiences for our clients.

Roller is an ambitious place to work and more creative people are joining our team all the time. Working in this environment everyday is definitely making me a stronger designer and making me more ambitious with my ideas.