Roller GVRA
March 28, 2018

How the GVRA could be a monumental boost to VR development

Written By Nikki McCaig

The GVRA, or the Global Virtual Reality Association is an organisation set up to promote, expand and encourage the development of Virtual Reality products and softwares. A non-profit foundation, the GVRA is a monumental move towards the mainstream adoption of virtual reality technologies in wider and broader sectors – helping the products to be celebrated, rather than dismissed.

At its very core, the organisation has the potential to make distinctive changes and positive movements to the way that society embraces VR and AR, as well as AI as a concept. Proudly established with a target to ‘promote responsible development of VR globally’, for the world of technology, the GVRA is a one of the most influential influencers a technology can have.

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So who is in the GVRA?

Assembled from some of the biggest names in mainstream technology, the organisation is made up of Google, Oculus, Sony, HTC, Samsung and Acer. These giants of development have immense power behind their names, and are responsible for the execution of some of the most innovative VR technologies available on the market today. Oculus, in particular, is the largest supplier and creator of adapted-reality gaming and integration, with new products in their line being released at lightning speed.

But why do we need the GVRA?

Virtual and Augmented realities are generally accepted by the majority of society – yet are viewed as little more than gaming facilities or fancy additions to museum tours and retail pop ups. The potential for virtual reality to be a real asset to society and culture isn’t being identified as it could be, which is where the GVRA comes in.

Virtual reality can be an advantage in sectors such as healthcare and finance, the AI support systems are being used in homes and offices around the world, and the GVRA is making a big push to approach more traditional sectors such as manufacturing and construction.

There is also evidence to support that some areas of society are wary of the advancing technologies. The fear of increasingly lifelike and interactive robots and AI devices could be inciting elements of uncertainty amongst lesser educated communities – something which the GVRA aims to stop. They want society to embrace the VR tech, not fear it, as it is being developed to aid progression rather than overtake it.

neonbrand 386945 unsplash - How the GVRA could be a monumental boost to VR development

What are the benefits of the GVRA?

The GVRA could have a seriously beneficial impact on how every sector approaches technology and advanced artificial intelligence, as it works to use VR to improve the lives and communities of society.

It also has a strong European focus, competing with the already advancing technological cultures of Asia and the USA, aiming to bring modern technology to life in Europe. Describing the European approach to VR and AR technology, their official statement reads: ‘Europe is a strong and competitive hub for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and is set to become global leader.’

Fully supporting the existing moves in European cities to promote positive technology and robotics for good, GVRA is campaigning through public and commercial funding to enhance the landscape of VR for every state within the European Union. This could bring more work, tourism, research opportunities and improved economic status to the EU, with the changes of Brexit hopefully not reducing Britain’s changes of success through this campaign.

The strength of the companies within the GVRA also present a powerful united front in the challenge to adopt VR technology. By using the domestic reputations of the major players in technology to influence the public, the trust consumers already have in names such as Google, Acer and Sony could really help to replicate new trust in virtual reality.

There are multiple benefits to engaging and interacting with VR, and the GVRA could be the next big step towards changing the minds of the public.

As a company excited and interested in the journey of VR, and all of the processes it entails, Roller supports the movements of GVRA and we’re proud to be contributors of the virtual reality developments.