How to define your brand through an app
July 29, 2015

How to Define Your Brand Through an App

Written By Rebecca Larkin

So you want to define your brand through an app? Then you’re in the right place. Your brand is the entirety of your image, it’s how your customers recognise you, so defining and reinforcing a positive brand image is the foundation of any marketing strategy.

The Importance of Branding

Nurturing and creating an easily recognisable brand will be advantageous for any business. Whether you want to improve customer retention, tap into a new market or increase sales, launching an app is one way to get customers to interact with your brand.

Choosing the right kind of app for your business can be tricky, and picking the underlying function of your app is key. If you’re still deciding what kind of app your company needs, check our our previous blog for a few ideas!

Choosing to supplement your existing online, TV and print marketing with a mobile app provides another channel in which to interact with your audience, and you’d be in good company. More and more businesses are launching their own apps for the purpose of brand development, to directly facilitate sales and garner general brand awareness alike.

What’s out there at minute?

To give you a taste of what’s already on the market, we’ve gathered up our favourite cross-marketing apps from a range of retailers to show you exactly what they can do.

Cook with M&S

Cook with M&S Available on iOS and Google Play and even Apple Watch, this free app acts as an interactive recipe book and shopping list.

Marks and Spencer are famous for their drool worthy television adverts and have evidently brought their image of intensely tasty food across to their ‘Cook With M&S’ app. M&S use this to their advantage and serve up delicious recipe ideas, the ingredients for which can conveniently be found in your nearest M&S store (and hopefully not Waitrose).

We all struggle when it comes to whipping up interesting meals adn Marks and Spencer hopes to be a friendly mentor with this app, bolstering its reputation in the minds of its customers, and increasing sales.

Tiffany & Co.

Jewellery giant Tiffany & Co. have two separate apps for their customers to play with, each with it’s own focus and function to appeal to the masses.

What Makes true Love Tiffany & Co.First up is ‘What Makes True Love by Tiffany & Co.’ a free app only available on iOS. The app has a social focus featuring love stories, tips on romance, and a ‘featured artists’ section displaying various love themed artworks for those tender-hearted romantics to enjoy. The app also has two interactive maps, one with various romantic hotspots around New York and one where users can pinpoint their own romantic moments, because who doesn’t want to let the Tiffany world know where you got engaged?

Love is the most powerful force in the universe, or so the adage goes, and Tiffany & Co. wants to harness some of that power to fortify its image in the minds of the public.



Engagement Ring FinderNext up is the ‘Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder’, available for free on both iOS and Android. This app has more of a product focus and features an interactive catalogue of engagement rings available, an appointment scheduling function, and a ring size guide. It also allows users to try on various engagement rings via a camera function, bringing Tiffany & Co. to you. It’s also a great app to have around when it’s time to start dropping those all important hints.

While the two Tiffany & Co. apps have different functions, they’re both very effectively serving the purpose of reinforcing the connection Tiffany & Co. has to both romance, and their customers.


Build-a-Bear Workshop

Build-a-Bear Santas Merry MissionBuild-a-Bear Workshop has a range of apps with a very different way of promoting the Build-a-Bear brand. They have a collection of interactive and fun games aimed at children, featuring bears which, surprisingly are all available for purchase in their stores.

All the games are available on both iOS and Android for free, and include titles such as ‘Build-a-Bear Bear Valley’, ‘Promise Pets’ and ‘Santa’s Merry Mission’, all of which are huge fun (not that we’ve been playing on them or anything…).

The games are very entertaining and offer an extra level of interaction between the brand and their consumers, and we’re sorry parents, but this may result in a lot of requests for new bears.


FleurtualFleurtual is app that we designed and developed for our client The Flower Room. The app had a strong marketing and branding purpose but with a fun functionality.

The free app is available on iOS, Android and as a Facebook application. It brings out the budding florist in you by letting you create your own virtual bouquet, save your creations on the app, and share it on social media.

If you’d prefer some real-life flowers, the app links to the Flower Room online shop once you’re done, though the hayfever sufferer in your life may well prefer the virtual bouquet!


As we’ve shown, marketing to your audience needn’t be boring, and it’s easy to have some fun with it. With people spending more time on their phones and tablets, it’s worth getting out there and engaging with your customers where they already are.

If your brand could benefit from an app or your have an idea for a mobile project, get in touch!