April 28, 2014

The importance of SEO to your brand

Written By Martin Sandhu


No business will deny the importance of SEO, Google is often the first port of call when looking for anything these days, so SEO is clearly essential. But it’s about more than just visibility for keywords; it’s about your brand too.

Customers who have already heard of your business and who are searching for your company name will expect to find you as the number one result. It’s a little different if the searcher is looking for a generic keyword, but it is vital when searching for brand terms.

Unfortunately it’s not always that simple though. If your business was conceived before the age of the internet the last thing you’ll have considered is how SEO-friendly your brand-name is! A name unique to you has clear advantages; those that aren’t may pose more of an issue.

When it comes to ‘difficult’ brand names it becomes even more important to ensure that your site is correctly optimised, but it also means finding other ways of making it to that vital first page. Running an Adwords campaign for your brand is often seen as a waste of money, but in this situation it is a vital tool for businesses, as are social media platforms as they automatically rank well with search engines – just be sure to use your brand name on accounts and within your profile blurbs.

The Holy Grail is of course to ‘own’ page one of search engine results with your brand, ensuring that the searcher has absolutely nowhere else to go. This may involve bidding on your brand name in Adwords, ensuring your Google+ account is active and appears in results and perhaps even getting your company blog or news pages included in Google news.

It’s important to consider SEO when things go wrong for your brand too. There have been many occasions when autocomplete has harmed a brands image – famously a hotel in Ireland received a number of wedding cancellations as couples believed the venue had gone into receivership due to autocomplete results. Bad press often attracts a large amount of interest, which can plant a negative article firmly on page one of search results for your brand. These seemingly small things can clearly have a huge impact on business, particularly when it comes to winning over new customers.