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June 15, 2015

iOS9 is on its way

Written By Jessica Lail

Apple have released the new features that iOS9 will be providing us users with and this time the changes look like they will make our lives even less strenuous.

Looking at the iOS9 Preview the feature that stands out to me the most is the “even longer” battery life. As an iPhone user, the most annoying thing about my iPhone is the lack in battery life! The amount of forward planning I need to do to ensure that my battery doesn’t just die on me when I may need it most is just crazy! Apple have said that the apps and key technologies have been made more efficiently across the operating system in the bid to add an additional 1 hour of battery life. If that 1 hour isn’t enough, Apple is providing us with a “battery saving mode” that will shut down any non-essential features and will consequently make your iPhone last ANOTHER extra three hours! Sounds good right?!

Another feature that grabbed my attention was the “Picture in Picture” feature. Have you ever been using FaceTime or watching a video and have had to pause it in order to send a message? Well not anymore! The “Picture in Picture” feature allows you to scale down the video screen to the corner of the screen whilst you open the second app. This allows you to keep watching whilst you undertake other tasks you may need to – multi-tasking at its best I say!

Security has also been improved. The standard four-digit passcode has been changed to six digits. This slight change will make the security on your iPhone 100 times better with a possible one million combinations instead of the 10,000 combinations that the four-digit passcode provided.

Siri has become even smarter! Siri will now be able to remind you to do certain tasks. Whether it be to finish writing an email or to follow up on tasks you were looking into earlier in the day. Siri is not only there when you need some assistance but is also a technology that works its brain so that you can get more answers when you type in the Search field your iPhone provides you with.

iOS9 provides you with an improved built-in shortcut bar on your keyboard to help ensure that you have all the convenient editing tools at your fingertips! This will mean that you can copy and paste easily as well as bold, italicise and underline your text. By having these shortcuts made more easily available to us it will help ensure we don’t by accidentally delete half the email when you’re just trying to make it bold (well I know I do this a lot!).

All these changes did really stand out to me and getting excited I asked a developer here at Roller Agency his opinion. Sam said “from a developer point-of-view there is not much to be excited about. There have been a few improvements to Swift and the Apple SDKs in general.

The best thing in my opinion is the App thinning. As developers, we build apps to support all the devices from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 6 Plus. Therefore, we need to include assets and code, specific to certain devices in order to maintain consistency and compatibility within the app across devices. The downside to this is that some devices will not require all of those assets or the code, for example the iPhone 4S will not use the @3x assets that the iPhone 6 Plus uses. This results in the app being bloated with unused code on some devices.

With the introduction of App thinning, Apple strips away the ‘useless’ stuff and only delivers what is necessary for the device that the app is being downloaded on.”

With Apple saying that iOS9 will be with us this Autumn, take a look at the full list of features that iOS9 will be bringing us on the Apple website and get excited about it just like me! 😀