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September 13, 2017

iPhone X: Is It The Marmite Of Tech?

Written By Pammy Alexander

The iPhone 8 had been restlessly awaited by the tech-obsessed Roller team. Hence why we thought we would break down some of the priceless reactions that took place the morning after the Apple keynote event.

Since Apple celebrates its 10th year iPhone-versary, they have released an additional device which has been marketed as saying “hello to the future”. Skipping the iPhone 9 altogether, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X have dominated all conversation at Roller.

Despite being Android users, Alex and Ella see the benefit of the new technology introduced by Apple through Face ID and wireless charging. Even though these features aren’t unique to Apple, the company is one of the few who can elicit trust in their users almost instantaneously. Meaning that we can confidently predict a lot more app development around AR and facial recognition.

However, Apple is facing a real challenge. Our team struggles to see the convenience of Face ID over the fingerprint sensor, especially given that the feature failed during the demo. The main concern is that activating Apple Pay with Face ID is going to require more effort and interruption to activities which were once seamless. We imagined being at a self-checkout till ready to pay, whilst speaking on the phone, but in order to perform the face activation required for Apple Pay we would have to interrupt our conversation and place the device in front of our face.

Our prediction is that wireless charging is going to become ubiquitous, now that Apple have introduced it. However, the consensus is that wireless charging is too slow and poses the risk of diminishing battery life faster than standard charging. Even though the feature is has been introduced by competitors like Samsung a while ago, Apple has a track record of setting trends and making them go global.

Our team bonded over the design of the new status bar which pushes the battery and signal logos to the right corner and the time to the left corner. Unplanned and unpolished were just some words used to describe the iPhone X from a UX and UI design perspective.

Our iOS developers Jordan, Sam, Miles and Seb ironically shared their excitement to develop for the new device. The whole team is up for the challenge, but the overall verdict seems to be less than positive.

Gemma and Gloria noted the moment when Face ID failed to bypass the lock screen as designed, referring to it as “awkward” to say the least. Yet, Jordan jumped to Apple’s defence, explaining why the error might have occurred. Much like the previous models, the new iPhone has to be unlocked manually before the automatic unlock starts to function. However, the team concluded that there is no excuse as first impressions cannot be undone.

At £999 for the base model, Gloria shared that nothing annoys her as much as the price tag.

That all being said, The 3D sensing capabilities of the iPhone 8 camera make it particularly exciting because of what it means for augmented reality. The 3D sensor could be used to create a feature where the user takes a photo and changes the depth and focus of specific objects, as well as revolutionary gaming. Given the popularity of the iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode, the upgrade to the front and back cameras will retain the Apple fanatics who religiously use #ShotOnIphone on Instagram.

Apple has recruited a cult-like following, who are prepared to endure any set of changes, however painful those might seem at first. Apple might have adopted a lot of unoriginal features such as the OLED screen, but competition breeds excellence and we are excited for what’s to come.