March 27, 2013

Is your digital marketing being diluted to platforms with small audience?

Written By Martin Sandhu

Everyday it seems there is some new piece of technology, a gadget, app or social network to explore and incorporate into your marketing strategy. There’s been a plethora of examples of these ‘shiny new things’ which have benefited marketers hugely, but there have been many more which have slipped by and are now a fading memory.

The application of marketing has changed beyond recognition in the last few decades and by no means is that a bad thing. Customers are more available and accessible than ever, but just like targeting your email marketing, using new innovations shouldn’t simply be a shot in the dark.

One great example of this is Quora. About two years ago the Q&A social network was hyped as being the next big thing, many people flocked to it but for most it never really went anywhere. However, the site is still going strong, attracting an audience of b2b marketers, tech enthusiasts and business leaders who find it a great forum to ask questions and share their expertise. It’s certainly not the right platform for a fashion retailer for example, but it’s definitely a successful marketing route for some.

And that theory can be applied to the majority of ‘shiny new things’, some will crash and burn, many will find their niche and few will go on to have the mass appeal of Twitter and Facebook. The appeal is always difficult to avoid, especially due to the fact that one is never certain whether the it could actually be the next big thing. But customers are not interested in how early you adopted something, what they want is for their favourite brands and retailers to have a presence on the platforms they use, so they know they have the latest information, offers and trends.

What’s imperative is the customer experience and if your digital marketing is being diluted to platforms where very few of your target audience is hanging out, then the risk simply isn’t worthwhile.

Taking a step back and considering the shiny new thing in the context of your wider marketing strategy is the key to making the right decision and at the end of the day if it turns out to be the wrong decision, it’s fairly simple to rectify…