February 6, 2013

Is your email marketing mobile proof?

Written By Martin Sandhu

41% of Europeans would close or delete an email not optimised for mobile. They’re the most forgiving too, that figure rises for mobile users in the US and Asia.

Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Census 2012 highlighted that companies simply aren’t up to speed when it comes to optimising emails for mobile. 39% admitted they had no strategy and 37% confessed that the strategy they do have is ‘basic’. With many customers adopting a “mobile or nothing” approach to reading emails, companies must wise up to the opportunity and develop an advanced strategy for mobile email marketing.

From the offset you need to understand how many emails are opened on a mobile. Any email software worth it’s salt should be able to tell you this, but it’s something many marketers ignore. It will differ from company to company, but if your customers are opening emails via mobiles and tablets now the figure is only likely to grow…quickly.

Here’s five starter points to consider:

Downloading images can take time, particularly if the email is being access via a data connection rather and a wi-fi connection. If you’re emails are full of images, don’t scrap them, just make them smaller – both in dimensions and file size.

No one wants to read masses of copy, but on a small screen it can be really difficult to read even if the person receiving it wants too! Scale down text, make it a bigger font or simply post teaser content in the email and give readers the option to view the body text on a web page, where they can zoom in and take their time.

Screen size
Every screen is a different size whether it’s a desktop screen, a tablet screen or a mobile screen, meaning it’s really difficult to make your email look good on all of them. Just like websites, emails can be responsive in their design – so they scale up or down to fit the screen.

This option makes a huge difference to an email campaign and means every customers gets the right email experience regardless of how they choose to access their inbox. It doesn’t even have to be an expensive option, both MailChimp and Campaign Monitor now have pre-build, customisable, responsive templates.

Landing pages
So you’ve design, written and sent a great email campaign optimised beautifully for mobile…but as soon as anyone follows a link to your website it all goes wrong! To ensure the best email marketing experience the landing pages on your website must be suitable for mobile viewing too.

The way people use the internet on their mobiles is different to how they would on a desktop computer. Understanding their habits and behaviours and how they use your website will give you a greater insight into how target mobile users. Google Analytics offers brilliant tracking and analysis for mobile users, including the type of device used and the screen resolution.