March 24, 2014

The key to mobile app longevity – part one

Written By Martin Sandhu

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Mobile apps are no longer a fad or a passing trend; they’re a viable marketing option for many companies and a core business for others. But what is the key to mobile app longevity?

The result of this is the huge amount and variety of apps available to consumers. Last year Apple’s App Store sailed passed the 1million mark, offering users more choice than they know what to do with. For app providers this competitive market means mobile applications need to stand out from the crowd initially and then continue to grab attention post-download.


App longevity varies greatly, apps social networking and messaging apps tend to be used on a daily, sometimes even hourly basis, but games and productivity apps for example can have a very brief shelf-life – being downloaded used sporadically for just a few days and then forgotten.

When it comes to mobile app development, audience consideration should play a large part.  There are two key routes –

Niche, everyday appeal

If your app is to have everyday appeal it is likely to only be to a very small audience – unless you’re Facebook! Be prepared to have a relatively small number of very loyal users.

Wide appeal

If your app is to attract a wide audience users are likely to be less frequently. Property and travel apps for example will appeal to a wide audience, but they’re not necessarily used on a regular basis. This means you’ll have huge numbers of downloads and users, but with sporadic or low usage.

In such a competitive market, the planning stages of an app become even more important; understanding exactly what you want, what your users will get and how often they will use your app is essential.

Part two of this blog will explore the marketing tricks that can extend the longevity of your mobile app.