March 27, 2014

The Key to Mobile App Longevity – Part Two

Written By Martin Sandhu

iTunes 2014-03-24 09-43-43 2014-03-24 09-43-51 copyThe popularity of mobile apps is both a benefit and a burden for marketers. Gaining premier real estate on a consumer’s smartphone can have a hugely positive impact on a brand, however the wide variety of apps now available means that being seen and becoming an app of choice is more and more difficult.

The first part of this blog focused on the development stages of mobile apps,  today we’re going to look at marketing your app post-launch.

As with most things these days the hype and buzz which surrounds the launch of an app is short-lived – remember Flappy Bird? You’re unlikely to constantly generate that level of interest, so making the most of other forms of marketing is essential.


The basics of promoting your app to users who have yet to download it are much like marketing any other product – understanding who your audience is, where they are and talking to them in the right tone is essential. Other tips are tricks include utilizing Facebook App adverts or using a pop-up on you mobile site to prompt users to download the app.


Many app developers and marketers fail to think of the long-term strategy behind an app, particularly if it is simply another weapon in the marketing arsenal. This kind of strategy is key to building loyalty and ensuring your app isn’t just a short-lived hit.

One of the best ways to promote interaction with users and loyalty is through push notifications. Like text messages these are ‘pushed’ to the users home screen, so they’re highly unlikely to go unseen. Marketers can send calls to actions such as reminders, offers or updates via push notifications encouraging users to open the app again.

The key to this is getting the right message, at the right time and with the right frequency – there’s a fine line with regard to the latter, too many and a user will delete your app. It’s also useful to give users information about push-notifications when they download your app, giving them a reason to opt-in and preventing any messages being viewed as spam.

Mobile apps are a vital to the modern marketing mix, however in such a competitive market they require careful planning and strategy in order to ensure success.